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Cleaning Tips For Achieving a Clean Bathroom

Do you dread cleaning? Explore the cleaning tips in this article to help make your most dreaded chores more effortless than ever.

If you are the type that waits until you have a guest coming before you clean your bathroom, don’t worry. You are not alone. Many people do this. The interesting thing is, those who do this leave it that way after the guest leaves.

It is vital to note that having a clean bathroom is always good for your general well-being. Regular water being used in the toilet can cause clusters here and there. These damp areas can be a breeding spot for bacteria, which you can unknowingly transfer to other parts of your home.

So, don’t wait till you have a guest coming in or till you see an unusual stain on the toilet floors. This article provides an easy cleaning approach for your bathroom chores.

We have broken down the cleaning tips into 3 sections, which can help you achieve the cleaning task without stress. From daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists, you can get better cleaning results in less time. Let us dive into it.

Daily Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

If you don’t want professional help like the cleaning services Edmonton, follow these basic, quick daily tips to keep your bathroom space neat and tidy.

1. Remove Unnecessary items from the countertops.

If you want to improve your bathroom appearance, ensure to declutter those countertops. Put your cosmetics, toiletries, brushes, and so on in a drawer after each use.

2. Hang your towels.

To prevent an added or extra load of laundry, always hang up your towels immediately after use. Dropping your wet towel on the floor can cause unnecessary mold and mildew.

Weekly Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

Deliberately set a time every week to do this cleaning to help you achieve clean surfaces and fixtures.

1. Thoroughly clean the counters.

To be successful in this, ensure you have completely decluttered your bathroom countertops. With no obstruction, you can thoroughly clean the counters. You can use both baking soda and warm water to soak and clean the tile. Dry off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

2. Disinfect the toilet.

On our weekly tips, cleaning the toilet weekly is a must. This is because it is the most used item in the bathroom. So, ensure to always keep it clean.

Start by dusting off the cover and the tank, then use a foam or bleach to disinfect the toilet. Start washing the toilet from the outside as you move your way into the toilet bowl.

Use a toilet brush to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. When done, soak the toilet brush in a gallon of warm water with bleach in it. Let it stay for an hour to disinfect after each use.

Using bleach can be harsh, so ensure to have your windows open or put on the exhaust fan.

3. Disinfect the sink.

This is important because, over time, stains can build up. If unattended, they will become hard to remove. So begin by sanitizing the sink bowl and nozzle handles with your preferred surface cleaner. Allow it to soak for a few minutes to soften the debris.

Next, use a paper towel to clean between and behind the nozzle knobs. This will bring out all the hidden dirt, then clean them off and wipe the nozzle.

4. Clear and clean the drains.

If you observe that your shower and sink are running water slowly, then it is possible that the drain is clogged. So, remove the sink stopper and use a wire hanger to unclog the drain.

5. Vacuum and mop the bathroom floor

This is the final weekly routine for your bathroom cleaning. On this note, ensure that the bathroom floor is cleaned. We put it as the last because, as you clean the other part of the bathroom, particles would have fallen off and stained the floor.

So, this task is best done last. As you clean the floor, you can pick up loose particles using a vacuum. Then, mop the floor with soapy water.

Monthly Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

The tips here are recommended to be done once a month. With them, you can maintain a clean bathroom for a longer period.

1. Polish the mirrors.

Use an ammonia-base glass cleaner for your mirrors. Spray the glass cleaner directly on the mirror. While spraying, use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean the mirror from top to bottom. Continue doing this until the mirror achieves its original shine.

2. Brush the shower and tub.

Before you go ahead to clean your tub or shower, remove any soap cases or shampoo bottles. Make use of an ammonia-based commercial cleaner. You can also use vinegar and washing soap solution together for the cleaning.

Now, spray the cleaner on every part of your shower and bathtub, starting from the top to the bottom. Allow it to soak for about 10 minutes before scrubbing. After scrubbing, use warm water to wash the dirt off and wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth.

3. Wash the shower curtain and liner.

Due to excess moisture, the bathroom is a reliable place to find mold and mildew. Your shower curtain and liner are one of the places where these things thrive. So, ensure that you wash them at least once a month. Also, thoroughly clean the curtain rings and rods.

4. Wash the bathroom rugs and shower mat.

Your bath rugs and mats easily attract hair, dust, and other particles. So, make sure to always wash them at least once a month.

5. Clean the trash can.

Except you use a liner regularly, it is a good idea to wash your trash can monthly. Once the bin Is emptied, soak the can with a few drops of liquid soap and warm water. Allow it to soak as long as necessary, then use an old rag to clean it dry.

6. Clean the exhaust fan.

Remember that having a clean exhaust fan helps to keep the fan working effectively. Even though the fan is above our heads, it is important to keep it clean each month. This will help to prevent a buildup of mold and moisture in your bathroom.


Having a clean bathroom is a gift to our home and entire well-being. Most times, this part of the house doesn’t get thoroughly cleaned up because the task can be difficult. But following the daily, weekly, and monthly tips shared here, you can clean your bathroom without much effort.

Each section helps to give you an area of focus to commit to. So, committing to these tips will help you maintain a healthy and clean bathroom.

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