Clearwater Beach Suicide What can be punished?

Do you enjoy parasailing or jet-skiing? Clearwater Beach must be a dream destination for you if so. Haven’t you? It is loved by many people in the United States. Recently, however, many mishaps occurred close to this beach.

For many, the most recent was more heart-breaking. According to the sources it occurred between a male and female about 4 days ago. It isn’t clear if this was a suicide attempt or a murder. Let’s examine the details of Clearwater Beach Suicide.

It was a Suicide, or Murder.

A woman shot a man to death and he tried to force him into the room. He tried to forcefully go into the room with a lonely woman. She grabbed her gun and shot him.

Police arrived at the crime point to find the body of the dead man. The man was found dead at the scene. The woman stated that the stranger had entered her home and murdered her.

Investigators’ Opinions on Clearwater Beach Shooting

According to investigators, they received a call from a female at 8:45 a.m. They reached out as quickly as they could to see something extraordinary. They did a thorough investigation and discovered a lot about the identity. Justin William Wright was 26 years old.

The victim was also injured while trying protect herself. This woman also purchased the gun legally. Further investigations, judgments, as well as identifications, are still required.

Clearwater Beach Suicide Trending

The confusion that exists in this case makes it controversial. A few people believed it could be suicide. However, others are still trying to figure out if it’s a crime or self-defense. The complete reports aren’t available yet.

We don’t even have the autopsy reports or the woman’s identity. We think we should wait for the investigation team to draw a correct conclusion.

What can be punished?

When we look at the Clearwater Beach Shooting , we must also consider the potential future punishments a female can face. According to the United States law, self-defense murders are not considered crimes. So, if someone is urged to kill someone for self-defense, they can avoid illegal penalties so long as the actions are explained.

However, this scenario requires that the defendant prove they were a looming menace to avoid being charged with the murder. To save herself from additional punishments, Justin’s mother must prove her innocence. If she does not, she could be sent to prison or death.


The Clearwater Beach Suicide was a terrible accident. We should, however, be proud of the self-defense that this woman displayed and vow to do the exact same thing. If it was murder, we would like to see the perpetrator get the most appropriate and deserving punishment.

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