CNN Trump Town Hall Full Video – Get All the Details You Need Here!

This article highlights all incidents related to CNN Trump Town Hall Video.

Have you seen the video of Town Hall recently? People worldwide were shocked when they found the video on the internet. The comments then led to a backlash against Trump’s response to the CNN moderator’s questions. New questions arose about the handling of questions regarding serial lies by the media.

This article provides details about CNN Trump Town Hall Video. Keep reading to get all the details.

Details about the Town Hall Video

Donald Trump dodges questions repeatedly from the moderator. On Wednesday, the live session in New Hampshire lasted 70 minutes. He rebutted the false allegations centered on the rigged elections that led to his removal from office. He was asked why he had removed all of the documents from White House. Trump became depressed and said that the moderator was a mean person.

Trump Hall video Viral on Reddit

The video has been shared on social media, the media critics called his responses disasters and the crowd laughed and clapped every time he said a joke. CNN has been working hard in recent years to increase its viewership, but the telecast only had 3.1 million viewers.

How to Watch Trump CNN Town Hall

Any social media website or any other link available on the internet will allow you to find the full video. Journalists and other outsiders referred to the town hall as a disaster.

Twitter Updates on the video.

Twitter users began calling the news network a disaster as soon as they saw the live discussion. They also used many hashtags and phrases. On Wednesday, people began to tag the news channel using hashtags such as boycott CNN, Bye CNN, and other phrases.

Trump CNN Townhall Full video

This video is 70 minutes in length and can be found at various websites. The entire video shows that CNN still does not understand how to deal with Trump or what questions should be asked.

Was the video on found on ?

The video has been published across all social media platforms, and there are some clips which were the most significant aspect of the video that people uploaded on Instagram. The town hall was more of a rally rather than an interview.

Channel showing Townhall video

No Telegram channel has yet provided the link or the details of the video. If the video is posted on Telegram, it could be restricted to private channels or groups. The moderator tried to prevent Trump from lying for the entire 70-minute event.

YouTube Links online

YouTube is the best place to find the full video. YouTube has the video and those who want to see it can go there.

TikTok Details about the video on

No details are available that indicate the video was on tik-tok. It is important that people avoid unnecessary debates and discussions.


The town hall video attracted a lot of attention. CNN responded by saying that the moderator was a top-notch journalist who asked fair, tough and revealing question to get President Trump’s specifics.

What do you think of the video town hall? Please comment below on your thoughts about the video.

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