Collect Trumpcards Com :- Final summary

Collect Trumpcards This write-up contains complete information about digital cards that were launched under the name of former US President Donald Trump.

Want to learn more about the NFT launch by Donald Trump, former United States president? His followers and critics were shocked by the announcement.

Trump’s token generated lots of interest from investors in Canada as well as the United Kingdom. This resulted in the sale of NFT within the first twelve hours. Continue reading Collect Donald Trumpcards Com to learn more about this digital token.

Donald Trump launches NFT Collection:

On his social media platform Truth, Donald Trump revealed that a major announcement was coming on the 15th of December 2022. Many of his followers thought that he would name his deputy for the presidency in 2024. But, Trump surprised them by announcing a Trump-themed digital collection.

NFT INT, token creator, stated that no proceeds from the sale of tokens will be used to fund the 2024 election. The token creator also stated that Trump had licensed his name to the project.

Donald Trump NFT Prices, Sales, and Other Facts:

Digital investors have been attracted to the NFT by its unique features and connection with the former President. Below are some facts about the NFT collection.

  • A total of 45000 NFTs are available on both primary and secondary selling platforms.
  • The Polygon blockchain is where the Trump collectible was created.
  • Each digital token will be sold at $99.
  • The average floor price for each collectible is 0.0625ETH.
  • OpenSea allows you to purchase tokens at a floor cost of the collectible.
  • 10% Commission for Creators

Donald Trump Trading Cards with activities associated with each Cards:

Trump’s collectible website clarified that the digital cards are for personal enjoyment and not investment.

  • The NFT Collection contains 45 types of digital cards.
  • Card ownership gives people the opportunity to have dinner and spend time with the former President of Miami.
  • One-to-one digital cards will enable the owner to meet Donald Trump in private at MAR-A–Lago.
  • You can also enter the Trump Sweepstakes with your digital card and win over 1000 prizes

Social Media Reactions to Donald Trump Trade Cards Launch

The digital cards were sold within hours of their launch. However, social media users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom reacted differently. While some question the original stand of the President against cryptocurrency, others see the card as unrealistic.

Social media links:

Final verdict:

Donald Trump’s critics may be mocking the NFT collection launched at the collecttrumpcards website, but collectors aren’t complaining. The NFT collection has seen a positive increase in its value and has already earned $4.45million in the first twelve hours.

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