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Are you familiar with the latest news from Maryland? Want to learn more about the arrest of the Mayor? This article provides a detailed explanation of the College Park Mayor Arrested. Everybody in the United States and neighbouring countries are shocked to hear the reason for the Mayor’s arrest. Let’s see the complete article.

Information on Arrest

The Mayor of College Park in Maryland was recently arrested for distributing immoral films and images of children. He also submitted his resignation on Wednesday night, after hours business. The arrest was made by Prince George’s County Police on Thursday morning. Patrick Wojahn, 47 years old, has been serving the council since 2007. He was also the Mayor for College Park MD.

Facts about the Complaint.

The National Center for Missing filed a complaint against police on 17 February 2023. They Exploited Children discovered that a suspicious account was being used to upload prohibited content related to missing children via social media. Police investigated the matter and found that Patrick Wojahn (the Mayor of College Park) is the account.

Police began looking for evidence at Patrick’s home on Tuesday after obtaining a warrant. They found materials that were related to his immoral activities. He voluntarily resigned on Wednesday. College Park Mayor Arrested on Thursday.

Charges for the Ex-Mayor at College Park

Wojahn was charged with possessing and distribution of explicit images and videos of children. Wojahn has been charged with 16 counts for distributing such content as well as 40 counts for possessing exploitative or explicit material. The investigation is ongoing and the accused is currently in custody.

A screenshot or picture of Patrick Wojahn’s resignation to the council was also released. The position of MayorMayor has been vacated and the city council will hold a special election in 65 days to elect the Mayor College Park MD. The office will be held by Tem Denise Mitchell, who is also a presiding officer.


The Mayor of College Park in Maryland was taken into custody on Thursday for possessing and distributing explicit material. Patrick Wojahn, the Mayor of College Park, Maryland, was taken into custody on Thursday. He resigned hours earlier to the office. The evidence was found at Patrick’s home by police. For more details, click here.

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