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Collin Scoville was an adored member of Mentor, Ohio community who will forever be remembered for his magnetic personality, warm smile and ability to bring happiness and positivity into others’ lives. After his untimely passing in 2023, Scoville left behind an immeasurable legacy which continues to inspire even after death.

A Life Filled with Love and Warmth

Collin Scoville was born on September 12, 1995, in Cleveland, Ohio, to parents Eric and Caroline “Carrie” Ross. His upbringing was surrounded by the love and care of his family, including his four sisters, Danae, Gianna, Nyla, and Raia, as well as his cherished grandparents, Josephine “Mickey” and Carroll “Buddy” Scoville, and Michael and Florian Ruffin-Wilson.

Childhood in Mentor City

Scoville attended Mentor City schools and Brush High School and earned his high school diploma from Mentor High School in 2013. His childhood was marked by a deep love for sports, nature, and a strong connection to his community, especially in the “Headlands” of Mentor. Through sports, particularly football, he established lifelong friendships and left a lasting impact on his community.

Career and Adult Life

Beyond his family and friendships, Collin Scoville was known for his unwavering work ethic and the way he inspired those around him. As a business owner and manager, his generous nature and dedication fostered a nurturing environment that motivated those who worked under his leadership.

Time in Wyoming and California

In his adulthood, Scoville lived with his Aunt Tameka (Ross) and Uncle Jermaine Kimbrough in Wyoming, as well as spending some time in California. These experiences broadened his perspectives and resulted in the creation of new friendships. He participated in various activities such as beach volleyball and surfing, which further displayed his love for sports and nature.

Collin Scoville: The Light of Any Gathering

Scoville’s infectious laughter and warm smile were sources of joy and comfort for many. His ability to illuminate any room was a testament to his radiant personality. His spirituality shone through his interactions, establishing an enduring bond with those who had the fortune to meet him.

Tragic Loss

Scoville was tragically cut short on July 18, 2023, leaving behind a community in mourning over his untimely passing and without knowing its exact cause. While family is grieving his unexpected demise, we now celebrate his life, cherish the memories he left us, and provide support to his loved ones in their time of loss.

A Legacy that Lives On

Collin Scoville left an immeasurable mark on those he knew, making an indelible mark on Mentor and everyone he came in contact with. His legacy of authenticity, love and boundless compassion endures in their hearts as an everlasting tribute to his life.

Collin Scoville will always be remembered fondly as someone who filled our world with love, happiness and kindness during his brief yet inspiring life. Although we mourn his departure, we also remember and celebrate his wonderful life which made this world better in so many ways.

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