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Beauty is not defined by color or gender. Everyone looks beautiful. They all have traits. Recently, a student of Columbia University made a racist tweet that enraged the entire nation. The incident has left an unfavourable impression on citizens in America. United States and all over the world.

This article is about Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman who will inform you of the recent events and what was said regarding blacks. Check out this article even if you do not know much about the subject.

who is Mrs. Gatwech?

Before we can begin our study, everyone should be aware of this model who is the model. Gatwech. Nyakim Gatwech is an American model. America. Gatwech has been identified as South Sudanese Descent’s model. Locals and her followers consider her to be”the queen of the dark”. She’s 24 year old, and she has inspired a lot of young women. Her inspirational quotes and her beauty and elegance of her appearance in her photos make her a model.

about Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman

Recently Ms. Gatwech has posted a image via her Facebook page. Chair of Columbia University, University of Columbia, Jeffrey Lieberman responded to her post and accused her of being an “freak in natural beauty.” He made this comment about dark-skinned women and it was racist. He was suspended immediately on February 23 2022. His Twitter account was suspended as well. All people are beautiful if it’s an artist’s creation or a freak of nature. No one has the right to insult or denigrate anyone’s colour, caste, or religion. People displayed hate in the comments made by Jeffrey.

According to Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman The psychiatry expert was able to take strict action instituted against him. These is bound to affect his professional career.

Apologia by Jeffrey

After he was banned from his university and had his Twitter account was shut down He sent emails to his coworkers in which the apology was made for his remarks about the model. He acknowledged his error and stated that the comment had been “offensive remarks as well as offensive to the point of being racist.” He also apologized to Dr. Jeffrey is, a top psychiatrist and a psychiatrist who specializes in schizophrenia. dismissed from the post of psychiatrist. We are certain that it will affect his profession and his remarks is not to be taken lightly.

the Bottom Line

A meeting was held to choose the interim chair. In the event that it was reported that the Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman was suspended, lots of attendees attended the Zoom meeting to investigate the situation and determine. Most of them were women of color. The comment has been described by the media as an outright incident. Thomas Smith, the new director, tweeted and expressed sad about Jeffrey’s comments and expressed his sorrow over the incident. Everyone felt guilty within the department as a result of Jeffrey’s racist remarks.


After this We discussed the issue which was a sexist act from the famous celebrity. The incident caused a lot of discontent in the public, and hurt the feelings that the community of blacks feels. In the end, the Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman was suspended and strict action was implemented.

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