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Fuel prices were once so low that drivers could fill up their tanks thousands times. The cross-border trading of gas Worldwide has been cited as one factor that affects fuel prices.

Gas trading across borders became so cheap and common that drivers didn’t notice the difference. Combustible was introduced.

About CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com:

Combustible Merida, the name of the mobile application used to register for and access a fuelcard, is available on Google Play. Google Play is where you can download the application. An online version of Combustible Merida is accessible with the URL CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com.

In Venezuela, a user can register at CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com by providing his email address as user name, first and last name, the ID number for online verification and validation, address, municipality, Parish, cell phone number, and customized password.

Once details have been entered, they are immediately validated. The user account will be created if Combustible Meridavirtual Com is validated successfully. If the validation fails, the registration request will be terminated. Once the user account is created, the user can access CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com to log in with his email address and customized password mentioned during registration.

How does the Fule Card work?

Fuel cards are business cards that organizations give to drivers in order to track their fuel costs and mileage. A fuel card provider is contracted by the business. Fuel cards can be used at several gas stations. To fill up the tank, the driver must present the Virtual Fuel Card at the gas station. The bill is deducted from a business account instead of being paid with cash or credit cards.

The fuel card provider sends the business a monthly bill that includes the estimated mileage, the amount of fuel consumed, as well as several graphs and statistics. In turn, the business acknowledges monthly payments. The business is able to avoid fuel theft from their drivers. This also benefits the economy, as it prevents the sale of fuel illegally by unlicensed entities.

Combustible Virtual:

CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com was registered on 26th/May/2023. This website is only 1 day old. In a few weeks, more information about the Country-of-Origin and the date of expiry of the registration will be available on the Internet. Its lifespan, CoO and ISP provider are not known.

CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com’s landing page takes the users to the login page. Other services offered by CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com can only be accessed once the user is logged in. Access to the terms of use, privacy policy and customer service contact information, as well as owner’s details, is restricted. combustible virtual

CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com gained a terrible 2% business ranking, which suggests that the website has a high-risk related to payment. CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com gains a zero Alexa rank. It will take some time to improve its Alexa rank and business, as the website is only a day old.

Data Network Servers have not yet registered the IP of this young website. The status of the SSL certification cannot be determined. Further, CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com uses a less secured HTTP protocol, again suggesting that the website is highly risky for users’ personal and payment data.

Due to its recent launch, the Domain Authority of Virtual is also unknown. In fact, as it is less than 24 hours from its launch, the status of CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com is yet to be updated with domain service providers. Search for CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com currently shows that it is up for sale for $8.89.


CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com is a young website with a terrible business and Alexa ranking. The scores for malware, spam, phishing, trust suspicion and threat have not yet been determined. Hence, due to poor business scores, CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com is classified as a possible scam. Its scores need to be revisited after a few months to determine if there are any improvements and if CombustibleMeridavirtual.Com turns out to be legitimate.

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