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Commercial Uses of Parquet Flooring Tiles in Dubai

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The most commonly used material for parquet flooring is the ceramic tile. There are various other materials that can be used as parquet tiles. But the ceramic tiles are the best choice for any place in Dubai. Let us see the different uses of parquet flooring in Dubai.

Uses of Parquet Flooring

First of all let us see the parquet flooring in a hotel. Most of the hotels in Dubai have parquets. The hotel can use parquets for both dining and sleeping purposes. They also use it for the purpose of recreation. It is not possible to find a hotel that does not have parquet flooring in the guestrooms and hostels.

The second category is the residential buildings. These are the houses, flat buildings, and apartment buildings that make up the residential part of Dubai. The use of parquet flooring is popular in these buildings. Most of the people prefer it over the hardwood flooring because of its elegant look and the durable nature. It is resistant to water, dust, and scratches.

The third group is the business premises. Most of the business establishments have parquet tiles on the floor. This gives an elegant look to the place. Most of the people prefer this type of flooring over the hardwood flooring because it easily shines with the sunlight. The shine of the parquet flooring can be maintained by cleaning the floor every now and then.

The fourth group is the commercial buildings and homes. Commercial buildings include shops, offices and warehouses. If you own a shop, it will be better for you to go for parquet flooring Dubai than the hardwood flooring. If you have a home in Dubai, you can choose from the various parquet flooring types that are available in the market today.

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The fifth group is the schools and colleges. Most of the schools and colleges in Dubai have parquet floors in the classroom. The durable and heavy-duty tiles are perfect for classroom flooring. Students can keep their feet warm during the cold months. If your home has a parquet floor, you can invite your friends and relatives for parties and gatherings in your home.

The sixth group of the commercial and residential properties is the hotels and resorts. Most of the hotels, resorts and guest houses have parquet tiles in the lobby. If you want a luxurious look for your hotel room, you should go for the parquet tiles. You can also use these tiles in the meeting rooms and reception areas of your hotel in order to impress your guest.

The other uses of parquet flooring tiles in Dubai are kitchens and bathrooms. In the kitchens and bathrooms, the tiles can be placed on the counter tops in order to help you cook healthy meals. In hotels and resorts, you can place the parquet tiles on the bathroom floor and showers in order to keep your towels and bath rugs clean.

The seventh group of commercial and residential properties is the factories and manufacturing companies. Most of the factories and manufacturing companies have wooden floors in their building. These floors are usually exposed to moisture, dust and chemicals. If you want to keep the moisture away from the wooden flooring of the factory, you can install the parquet flooring in the factory. The parquet flooring can protect the floor and also absorb the moisture, dust and dirt. These will not let any stains on the wooden flooring.

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The ninth group of commercial properties are the offices and business centers. Most of the offices and business centers have the carpeting on the floor. However, there are many companies who are now using the parquet tiles on their floors in order to provide a unique and elegant look to their offices. The main reason for installing the parquet tiles is that it protects the carpet from getting scratched or damaged. The tiles are also easy to maintain and clean.

The tenth group of commercial buildings includes the hotels and resorts. In the hotels and resorts, the parquet tiles are widely used. Most of the hotel rooms and parlor floors have the parquet flooring tiles installed. Some of the hotel rooms have the tiles on the walls. They also have the parquet areas installed in their bathrooms.


There are several other uses of parquet flooring tiles in Dubai. These include office space, hotels, malls, restaurants and homes. You can find several websites online that sell these tiles. You can also buy the same online.

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