Common Cases Handled by a Criminal Defense Attorney

Victims facing criminal charges need to know they have the right to present their case against the prosecution. The law defends your rights, and you should consider working with a seasoned defense attorney to assist you in navigating the legal process with ease. Some of the standard fields of criminal defense include:

Weapons Crimes

These crimes include those carried out with weapons and possessing weapons illegally. Illegal possession of weapons is a severe charge and is usually added to various crimes. This will increase the punishment if you’re convicted of the said crime. Individuals who get convicted of such crimes should contact a criminal defense and personal injury attorney for representation in their personal injury claim.

Adult Crimes

These cases cover offenses ranging from rape to sexual harassment. Some of the accusations that victims need to defend themselves against are statutory rape, indecent exposure, child abuse, prostitution, and spousal rape. A person who’s innocent of such crimes needs to craft a solid defense against the accuser, as such accusations usually shed a negative light from the start.

Driving Under the Influence

This is a prevalent criminal charge in the majority of courts today. The potential punishment ranges from severe to mild, based on the number of previous convictions, the level of impairment, and whether someone was killed or injured by the impaired driver. In addition to losing your driver’s license, diversionary programs, community service, and probation, punishment for this crime includes jail time. Those convicted of such crimes face future employment complications and trouble securing higher premiums and auto insurance.

Domestic Violence

These cases arise between close relationships, including dating couples, spouses, cohabiting couples, and parents and children. The specific offenses that occur include emotional and physical abuse, kidnapping, stalking, and even rape. Work with a reliable defense attorney if you are charged with domestic violence, as the conviction affects child visitation, employment opportunities, and child custody rights.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are prevalent and severe crimes that a criminal defense lawyer can handle. The severity of drug crimes ranges from trafficking of prohibited substances to simple possession. Factors such as the type of drug, quantity, and whether the defendant manufactured, possessed, transported, trafficked, or sold the contraband will determine whether the charges are a misdemeanor, infraction, or felony. If the above-listed actions get included in charges related to violence or illegal firearms possession, the severity of the penalty is likely to worsen.

Robbery and Theft Charges

Whether your theft charges are more serious, including burglary, fraud, grand larceny, auto theft, or smaller ones such as shoplifting, a criminal defense lawyer is essential for victims who wish to look out for their future. The severity of your case depends on the total value of the stolen items and whether weapons were used during the crime. Although misdemeanor charges lead to punishment, including fines and a short time in jail, a more severe conviction yields a devastating sentence.

Battery and Assault

Assault and battery are closely related. Battery is the deliberate use of physical force on another individual, while assault is harming someone physically on purpose. Sentencing for battery and assault depends on the victims harm, and charges usually range from felonies to misdemeanors. When the crime is done using a weapon, it results in felony charges, regardless of the harm inflicted by the victim.

Financial Crime

Financial crimes are crooked acts carried out by people for economic gain. When one party suffers, the other party benefits financially. Some of the most common financial crimes include tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement, and fraud. The financial sector is complex, which increases the possibility of fraud. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to fight financial crimes effectively is crucial.

Being accused of crimes isn’t a minor issue. Criminal charges are physically and mentally exhausting as so much is at stake. A reliable attorney helps defendants to understand the charges against them aside from crafting a solid defensive approach.

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