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Common Problems Concealed Carriers Have That Other People Don’t

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We all know about the concealed carry pros and cons, and it will be quite tedious and redundant if we mention again and again the advantages. Yet, concealed carry issues remain a hot topic on many gun-related forums. 

In this blog post, we will outline some tips for carrying a concealed weapon safely and legally! Let’s dive in!

Common Problems Concealed Carriers Have That Other People Don’t:

First and foremost, let’s take a look at some explanations on typical issues that people normally encounter with concealed carry:

  1. Printing

The phrase “printing” refers to a gun physically imprinting the outline on the outfit. More specifically, it is when someone could figure out the “weapon” concealed behind your shirt via its shape printing on the outfit. 

In some areas where carrying firearms is legal for people with permission, there may be laws against concealed handguns from excessively printing onto one’s clothes through concealment methods. These might include wearing thicker material and practicing proper holster placement so that no part of a firearm can be seen poking out above skin-tight designed pants/jeans/shorts, etc. 

Strict laws against this stem from the fact that this printing makes identifying who might have a weapon just based on appearance alone more easily.

Many states have laws requiring that the gun be covered 100% of the time in order to prevent accidental exposure. Even if concealed properly, unintentional exposure is not strictly illegal in all cases due to some state law exceptions. Yet, it can still lead to problems with police officers depending on each state’s interpretation.

Florida has legitimate issues involving partially concealed weapons leading to trouble with law enforcement, as their current legislation leaves enough leeway for such events and confusion between parties involved.

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Concealed carry is the act of carrying a concealed weapon. Concealment can be determined by state law. It varies from whether the state considers only part of the firearm is visible to being fully covered up as legal or punishable as an accidental exposure crime. Thus, there are no specific laws on printing or definition of concealed in the case of imprinting.  

  • Retention & Ease to Access

In the early 70s, FBI firearms instructor Bill Rogers developed a holster retention rating system. He analyzed reports of disarmed officers during fights and found that they died in these incidents at an alarming rate. 

To prevent this from happening to other police, he engineered holsters with features making it more difficult for people to remove them while still enabling officers to draw them out when needed. There are different types of mechanisms divided into buttons, snaps, hoods, and levers. 

People can rip holsters from your belt, so it is important to look at retention levels as a safeguard rather than the primary method.

There are many incidents where gun carriers were disarmed while open, carrying in a holster, or even still in their pockets. Some of these instances occurred when the criminal saw an easy way to get his hands on guns without any difficulty.

The deeper concealed, the more difficult it is for you to access your gun in defensive and emergencies. 

Solutions for Concealed Carry Issues

After we’ve identified all the potential issues you might face while carrying concealed weapons in the first part, this section will focus on solutions to the mentioned issues.

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  1. Printing

With practical solutions to avoid printing concealed carry, you must comprehend the importance of dress around the weapons. If you carry a larger firearm, then wear enough layers so your outfit can fully conceal it! Carrying concealed means no one else should know about the presence of firearms on you. If people find out too easily, there’s not much tactical advantage in having them with you at all!

  • Retention & Ease to Access
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Brands claim to provide the best holster, but we need one that covers our firearm’s trigger specifically designed for it. There are some types of “holsters” without a proper design, as they’re just belt clips on guns with no trigger coverings. This allows accidents such as firing while inside your pocket or waistband.

Suppose you are going to carry a firearm. In that case, you must choose a perfect holster with adjustable retention for your quick and effective draw, which is still highly accessible in needed situations. It shouldn’t be too deeply concealed or near other things like keys, making drawing more difficult if needed quickly.


After reading this blog post, you should now understand some common issues and solutions besides concealed carry pros and cons. Whether it’s printing, retention, and ease to access your firearm or another issue we haven’t discussed here today – there are solutions available! 

Thank you again for taking the time to read this article. We hope that it has helped provide insight into what many people don’t know about carrying their firearms every day!

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