Construction Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

Construction industry makes 13% of global GDP and marks to be one of the largest industries in the world. With time, new construction developments are taking place and they have been playing a pivotal role to speed up the growth of this sector. One such critical trend is the integration of modular trucking solutions, which have streamlined logistics and contributed significantly to the construction industry’s positive transformation. Here we have highlighted the most important trends that have positively impacted the construction industry.

Rapid growth in the Virtual Construction Market 

The growth in the virtual construction market is by far going the highest of all. Construction estimating companies have started to adopt new technologies involving virtual designs, visualization, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and excessive usage of Construction Management Software. Currently, every structure that is going to be built in the physical world, it is visualized virtually to catch up future faults or incorrect builds. With BIM, it is not possible to get a detailed material estimate for items like drywall and masonry just with few clicks. You can read more information about drywall and masonry estimating services on this website.

Modular construction and prefabrication of structures off-site

Modular construction and prefabrication involves manufacturing structures off-site before they are brought to the actual construction site. It is strongly believed by the general contractors, architects, and developers that prefabrication keeps the construction cost overall low, reduces waste as well as shortens timeline. Healthcare facilities have been benefitted a lot from this recent advancement.

Rise of Smart Cities 

No doubt, the rise of smart cities has changed the thinking patterns of construction companies. Such cities remain fully incorporated with the internet of things (IoT). Extensive data is being collected to run everything in sync and more efficiently.

People have started doing investment in smart cities more and more and this respective market share will likely to get double by 2028. Once the concept of smart city will get mature, it is assured that it will change the whole operational side of construction industry. It is time that every building manager should get a familiarity with IoT technology.

Green Building Movement

The Green Building Movement helps construction companies to handle environment issues with utmost responsibility. This movement has encouraged building managers to create environmentally sustainable buildings and use energy-efficient materials. Thus, embracing energy efficiency practices keeps the environment stable and green and poses no risk to the residents.

Using Living Building Materials 

Using living building materials have become the mainstream trend in the construction industry. Companies are showing signs of heavy adoption because global greenhouse gas emissions and carbon released in the construction processes are posing massive threats to mother earth.

Cement production emits carbon on the highest scale and it is time that every construction company focuses on reducing emissions and craft a policy that works in favor of the climate. New materials are introduced in the construction industry and that includes self-replicating concrete and also self-mending biocement. These materials absorb CO2 instead of emitting it.

Excessive use of cost estimating software

The use of cost estimating software has gone excessive high in the past years and will continue to grow. Companies offering construction estimates or estimators finalizing the overall project cost, they use software to determine the price figures accurately without error.

The Drone Technology

The arrival of drone technology has done a lot good to the construction sector. It has made the operations more efficient and effective. Furthermore, the drone usage has resulted in accuracy. It has become easy for the contractors to measure stocks of building materials in real-time. 

We have noticed a significant reduction in injuries because drones keep a close eye on ensuring workers’ safety. Drone Videos have made it convenient to survey and inspect sites that might be risky to inspect by actual human workers.

The helmet revolution

Adoption of tech solutions has tremendously brought improvement in the safety standards. We know that every construction worker biggest concern is hus safety, but all thanks to the launch of improved safety equipment that has reduced the cases of injuries and deaths.

The helmet revolution has made it extensively safer for the worker to climb rocks and heights, assuring a greater field of vision and keeping him protected from falls. Some advance safety helmets have been introduced that have saved the worker’s medical information and emergency contact information for communicating.

Increasing demand for 3D Printing 

The use of 3D printing has gone sky-rocket in the construction industry. This technique uses variety of materials like fiber, sand, concrete and geopolymers. In addition, a few of the builders prefer using biodegradable materials in 3D-printed houses and that includes mud, soil, and straw. The technology is advancing at the fastest scale that in near time, electrical and plumbing fixtures can also be 3D printed.

Employing Construction Robotics 

Lastly, employing construction robotics and other kinds of automation strategies have improved the productivity scale among construction workers. The usage of automation strategies have reduced waste, decrease the workforce gap and improved safety standards.

Recently, a survey was commissioned that highlighted this important stat almost half of the construction companies are using robotics and 80% of them will likely to introduce this technology within 10 to 15 years. Thus, on deploying robots, tasks complete on time and productivity gets boosted.

Sooner, we will highlight more of the construction industry trends, so stay tuned with us.

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