Coolsculpting® Treatment: A Fat Reducer 

A warm welcome to all readers! In this blog we are going to discuss everything related to Coolsculpting® Treatment which helps in burning the unwanted body fat and reducing it with very secure methods as well as reducing the contouring  on the body. 

About Coolsculpting® Treatment

Coolsculpting Treatment specializes in reducing the body fats and the body countourings without going into any surgical treatment which has been even approved by FDA also. It mainly works on finding the fat cells in the body parts which obstruct in burning the fat with physical activities and diets.  

Comparison of Coolsculpting® with Other Cosmetic Processes

If we talk about other treatments such as lasers, ultrasound, etc. They work on fat cells but at the same time they affect the other tissues also whereas the process of CoolSculpting which is cryolipolysis only affects the fat cells and reduces it without disturbing the other cells. 

Reducing Body Fats 

After getting the first treatment done the person can see the changes and the positive results in very less time and the good thing is the results stay forever because of the controlled fat freezing which finishes the targeted fat cells permanently. The results have been positively proven and ratings have marked up to 9.5 out of 10. So what are you waiting for ?? Take appointments today!

CoolSculpting Targeted Fat Areas List :

Head, Chin, Neck, Arm, Back,Thighs, Knees, Abdomen, Hips, Buttocks, Banana Roll 


  • Clinically Approved

With positive changes in a couple of weekly sessions and in 4 to 6 months getting the final results is being approved by Canada’s only FDA and the Health Ministry of Canada.

  • Safe and Non-surgical

The entire session will be completely simple, safe and very clear without following any surgical methods.

  • Guaranteed Results

Wherever the fat is stored in the body, it gets directly targeted by Coolsculpting  and then our experts mainly work on that area which only gives the best result for your body contouring expectations.

Preparation & Aftercare


The preparation for burning body fats  initially starts by stopping the blood thinner before 2 days of the Coolsculpting treatment at the Canada MedLaser Aesthetic Clinic which is done by the crucial medications such as Aspirin and other Anti-Inflammatories. To prepare one needs to wear loose and comfortable clothes on the day of treatment although there are no restrictions on diet and liquids. 


Post treatment, you can start with your normal activities without any wait. Results can differ for patients based on the Body part on which the treatment has been done but mostly the result can be seen between 2 to 6 months. There can be a chance of feeling discomfort like irritation or swelling on the treated part which resolves in a week or couple of weeks. The recommendation is massaging the treated part can help in making the procedure easy for your entire body. 

Taking general follow-up with the provider is best so that he or she can review the results and provide you the options accordingly. Their advice helps in overall well being and positive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the CoolSculpting treatment accomplished?

Once the patient visits the clinic then clinicians do define and mark the area which can be treated. It takes an hour for each marked area for treatment which basically starts with positioning the CoolSculpting handpiece after which it is applied to the treatment location. One would feel the compression and the pressure on that area which resolves in 10 minutes after the treatment including other discomforts also. A massage is being given to the treated area by removing the applicators.

What Sensations CoolSculpting Generates?

In each round of CoolSculpting, for the initial 10 minutes a pressure and discomfort is being felt by the patient which is reported. During the treatment as soon as cooling starts the patient starts feeling the cool and the complete numbness on the treatment part. Discomfort is felt when a cycle of 1 hour is completed and massage is being given. People do different things during the CoolSculpting treatment such as reading books, working on laptops or sleeping. 

Why Should One Go For CoolSculpting?

The Outcomes of the treatment is guaranteed which enhances the person’s good looking and the confidence to keep them on the top of the list. IF we talk about the clinics for CoolSculpting treatment then Canada MedLaser has been known for its best services and the best quality results in the whole GTA to ensure their patients requirements and the body which they want.

It comes with no surgery methods because of which the other tissues of the body stays safe so one can go for it without any hesitation.

What is the period of the CoolSculpting Session?

The treatment period of 1 to 8 hours can be taken in each CoolSculpting session depending on the areas on which the treatment is being done. There can be a chance of break in the treatment if it is being done for many days.

How is CoolSculpting After Pregnancy?

It needs to be noted that this treatment is not preferred for pregnant women. Although for post pregnancy it is generally found to be safe to take care of their child and the future pregnancy also doesn’t get affected. Patients after 3 months of pregnancy can visit the Canada Medlaser and get assisted by the doctors.

How many treatments of Coolsculpting are needed?

Number of treatments varies from patient to patient whereas it is always found best for the person whose weight is within 20 pounds. In general the patient can result in one treatment, mostly two treatments are suggested for the patient to see the required result on the specific area and sometimes more than two treatments are required. We need to be sure to follow-up the skin specialist who is well skilled and certified in this profession because the treatment seems easy but it really takes a lot of skills and experience to do so. If you visit our consultancy then we will provide you with the real information and prescriptions based on your requirements.

How does CoolSculpting deliver cooling to the fat layers?

The overall process of CoolSculpting involves using carefully designed and monitored tissue applicators to extract heat from the targeted area and non-invasively cool it. Sensors have been connected to control the console which helps in adjusting the cooling according to the requirement in a precise manner under the supervision of the physician. Once the CoolSculpting procedure gets completed or the patient wants any attention then a paging system is placed which automatically alerts the physician. 

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