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In Bristol County Standoff Jail News, we’ll discuss what happened at Dartmouth Jail last Friday and its aftermath.

What happened in Bristol County Jail on Friday? What are the consequences of the incident. Who was involved? Inmates have been charged? People in the United States want to know what’s happening in this case. Tell us what happened at Bristol County Standoff Jail and more news.

What’s the latest news from Bristol County Jail?

Officials have released numerous pictures of the aftermath of the incident at the Bristol County House of Correction. Bristol County Sheriff’s Office posted the images on Facebook on Monday. The images were posted on Facebook three days after a Dartmouth Jail protested that led to an hour-long confrontation with employees.

Multiple images depict the conditions of Friday’s standoff between inmates at a Dartmouth jail. Images from the Bristol County House of Corrections show discarded mattresses, broken items, a pile of scraps and shattered glass, among other things. Investigators plan to charge approximately twenty prisoners for the incident which turned the prison into trash.

What happened Friday?

Bristol Sheriff Paul Heroux said that the incident started at 7 am on Friday morning when officials tried to move some inmates to two different units to allow them to continue with the remodeling work. The goal was to reduce the suicide risk at the facility by installing toilet plumbing, and doing repairs.

Some inmates have refused to leave the Bristol County Standoff Jail. Correctional officers then left the area at 9 am to report it. When they closed the doors of their housing units, detainees began to damage them. They used furniture pieces that were sharpened as weapons and broke them.

During the standoff the prisoners came up with their own list of demands, which included TVs in the cells, more recreation time and lower canteen prices. Staff made a counteroffer, but prisoners destroyed it before reading it.

The police used tear gas and flashing bangs to end the standoff and gain control.

What does say about this issue?

Paul Heroux is the Sheriff of Bristol County. According to him, the situation could have been much worse had the staff not acted quickly. He stated that the institution no longer could house detainees without toilets. This was a major factor in the incident escalating on Friday. If they were in individual cells, it is unlikely that any damage was done to the property.

Heroux stated that the damage to two units of housing is approximately worth $200,000 at the Monday conference. Bristol County House of Correctionsofficials confirmed that no injuries were reported. but there was serious damage to a building that held 75 inmates, and less damage to a building that held 63. The inmates involved have reportedly been transferred to different jails throughout Massachusetts.


Facebook was flooded with photos of the standoff that occurred between detainees and staff at the Bristol County House of Corrections. The photos showed the damage that they had caused to the two cells. Here you can find all the Bristol County Sherrif’s Office.

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