Cost of Motion Graphic Video and Factors Affecting it

The answer to the above stance is not simple. So hang on!

Before deciding on the price of the motion graphics video, businesses and people must take the necessary assets into account so they can hire an agency that offers a wide range of motion graphics services

Additionally, one should be conscious that costs may not only be monetary but also involve time and energy, which makes this piece more pertinent, particularly for people who are in enterprise. It’s hardly surprising that companies these days are looking for motion graphics videos.  

Videos have now made it to the largest platforms, from sales presentations to advertisements.  Expanding the video marketing initiatives is crucial due to the enormous volume of videos that are posted to the internet every day. 

The businesses need to maximize their money while producing more media content because there are many factors that affect the cost of a motion graphic video.

Despite the fact that many individuals are curious about how much it costs to make a motion graphics, there are more important factors to take into account. 

In addition to the price, one should seriously reconsider the amount of time required, their level of expertise, and the goal of the animated video in order to decide how much to invest on it. 

Aside from money, the cost of making motion graphics also includes resources like time and labor.

Let’s learn more about this.

Crucial factors that affect the cost of motion graphic video

We have compiled a list of some very important factors that alters the cost of motion graphics video. Have a look:

Agency Reputation

The competence of the motion graphics video production company is one of the factors that will influence the cost of producing your video. The likelihood of increased charges increases with a video firm’s degree of experience. 

Producing businesses with a lot of expertise have access to additional funds and cutting-edge machinery that they may use to carry out any project with the highest efficiency and precision. 

When creating an animation video, experience is a major factor in deciding output quality. Since they have been in operation for a while, an established video production company will be able to produce videos of a better caliber. 

To sum up, the cost of hiring a video firm is also based on their level of expertise.

Editing Requirement 

Another element that might impact your video’s final cost is editing. A quality completed result will need more time, work, and money the more intricately edited your video is. 

The more time needed to edit your video to excellence, the greater the grade of your video should be. 

Only those with years of experience, extensive training, and a crew that knows how to provide a high-quality product with attention to detail can perform excellent editing. 

An animation video should be extremely entertaining; if the editing is poor, it will do the contrary and turn viewers away.

To guarantee that every moment and detail is accurately portrayed, editing is necessary. Due to the fact that editing is a talent that takes much practice, the price will also vary depending on who you select. Additionally, premium formatting services are not free.


It is possible to incorporate a voiceover in your motion graphics video, although it is always shrewd to do so because they facilitate understanding and keep viewers’ attention throughout the images.

The dialect and tone you choose, together with your target demographic, greatly influences how much your video will cost. 

Depending on experience, intricacy, and voice, an expert English voiceover with a standard accent can cost anywhere from 500 to 750 USD per min.

Length of the Video

It’s a no-brainer and maybe the most significant component. Even with the same conditions, the proportionate cost for a 15-second and a 5-minute video differs.

Given that the time and resources used in creating the actors, components, and backdrop are the same for videos lasting 15 seconds and 5 minutes, it appears that shorter videos are more expensive. 

As a result, cost appears larger as video length shortens. Based on the animation style, narrative complexity, and vocal, a 30 second motion graphics video will price between 2000 and 4000 USD.

Pre-Production (Concept and Script Writing)

One of the crucial phases of production is pre-production. Here, one may learn everything required to produce a fantastic motion graphics video. 

When beginning a project, one should make sure they have a precise strategy and goal for the video.

The creation of the storyboard is another step in the pre-production process, and it is crucial since it will enable you and your crew to successfully carry out your idea.

Custom Animation Demand

The idea that doing bespoke animation costs a great deal of money is a frequent misunderstanding.

While the price of high-quality custom animation is significantly more than that of less-expensive options, not every bespoke animation requires a sizable budget. 

Depending on the kind of communication you need to send and the resources you have at your disposal, the price of creating a high-quality personalized video may vary. 

In situations when one wishes to create a meaningful message or if they want the video to be incorporated into their brand style, custom video creation must be taken into account. 

Custom animation entails the production of a video that is made just for that goal, as compared to standard animation, which has a more constrained scope.


The equipment needed for production is another significant cost factor in relation to animation. 

How much it will cost to generate the animation video will depend on the equipment’s price. If you’re seeking for a reputable advertiser, you ought to do your homework and discover which business utilizes the most modern tools.

A limit on revisions is a common practice in all industries globally. More time and effort are expended the more changes there are. 

The price of the video will automatically increase if the number of modifications surpasses a certain threshold since more equipment is used during these updates.

Make the right choice 

Despite the fact that the article has offered a thorough list of elements affecting a motion graphic video price, it is important to remember that these are only recommendations. 

Your ability to creatively balance your budget will also determine whether your project is successful or not. 

It is important to undertake careful study and identify the most dependable solutions accessible, such as BuzzFlick, to prevent making erroneous assumptions about the price of an animated video. 
But you can get freelance motion graphics rates to draw a comparison between a company and a freelancer.

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