Costs and Expenses of Living in Melbourne

Melbourne, which is ranked 58th on a list of the most expensive places to live in, is a more affordable location than many other major cities across the world.

Your lifestyle will have a big influence on how much cash you need, and there are lots of ways to have fun in the city without going broke. You can save a lot of money if you avoid purchasing superfluous products, which are typically rather expensive in Melbourne.

Urban dwellers in Australia have access to some of the country’s best and most ideal lifestyles, including food, culture, art, history, and the natural world. If you are relocating there, pack your belongings, hire Melbourne movers, and enjoy the city.

Melbourne’s typical annual pay

The average net pay (after taxes) in Melbourne is comparable to the average net salary across Australia, although this advantage is countered by Melbourne’s higher cost of living compared to some of the other capital cities. It is important to determine how much money you will need to utilise from your wages to pay the cost of living in a city with living expenditures that are not only expensive in Australia but also in the rest of the world. The average weekly wage in Victoria is approximately $1750.70. Thankfully, there are several suburbs of Melbourne that have a more relaxed attitude while still having a sizable enough population to offer a wide range of lifestyle alternatives, including cuisine, environment, and culture.


When you arrive in Melbourne, you should eat some of the local cuisines, which you can do at one of the city’s fine dining establishments. Melbourne boasts a lot of wonderful restaurants that are both reasonably priced and serve fantastic meals. However, do not be shocked if the cost of a bottle of beer you order after dinner is equal to half the cost of the meal.


Despite their high incomes, Australians prefer to shop for their food at neighbourhood markets and shops because the costs are generally lower there. If you visit the markets in Melbourne, you may get amazing fresh things for less money. If you have a modest budget, this may be the best option.


Melbourne’s public transportation costs are greater when compared to several other significant Australian cities. Although the transportation system is efficient and well-organised, and may even be the best choice for getting around the city, you will still need to set aside more than $100 each month for it.

Rent and housing

Everyone’s budget often includes the highest amount for lodging, including professionals, families, students, and international students alike! Where and how we live determines our way of life no matter where we are. The cost increases as you move towards the core business district, as it would in any metropolis. The type of lifestyle you choose to lead will ultimately affect how much it will cost to live in Melbourne. In any city, renting an apartment close to the central business district will cost more per month; but, by not having to pay as much for transportation, you may be able to offset this cost with other savings. Sydney movers say the house rate is considerably higher for monthly rent if you want to live in a suburb near the water, such as St. Kilda or Brighton.

Monthly utilities

In addition to securing an apartment here and making enough money to cover the expensive rent, you also need to consider the cost of utilities. The cost of essential utilities including water, electricity, and the Internet in Melbourne is more than $200 per month. Services are similarly pricey.

Sports & amusement

The situation is a little different in Melbourne than it is in some other Australian towns where tennis court rent is not as expensive. Tennis matches last an hour and cost almost as much as movie tickets. In Melbourne, entertainment is rather pricey, but the cost of a fitness pass is not excessive given the cost of living.

Shoes and clothing

Melbourne has the highest standard of living of any major Australian city, and only individuals with incomes over the national average can afford to shop for clothing here. Because of high incomes and a significant amount of tourists, it is impossible to get designer clothing at cheap costs.


Like any major city, Melbourne has no shortage of supermarkets, and several large chain stores engage in daily pricing competition to keep costs down and attract local customers with their food prices. If the farm-to-table movement appeals to you more, Melbourne excels in organising farmers’ markets, which can be found in many of the city’s usual spots.

Primary, secondary, and child care

If you take care of young children, the cost of enrolling one child in a private preschool or kindergarten in Melbourne for a full day can range from $75 to $190 daily, before any discounts or rebates. Public schools are cost-free; however extracurricular activities and other necessities may have a cost. Given the wide range of private schools in Melbourne, it is advisable to look at the possibilities in the neighbourhoods where you are considering relocating to discover the best match for your child or children as well as your financial situation.

Student colleges

When it comes to spending, as a student (or an international student), you are most concerned about food, followed by student housing and transportation, which are somewhat related because choosing housing close to your institution can be a practical option and make transportation simpler and more affordable. The underlying question is whether it is more cost-effective to live nearby compared to more distant, less expensive student housing while still paying for transportation to school. This could differ based on where your college is, so there’s no guarantee that it’s an easy response.

When comparing typical living costs, Melbourne is regarded as very costly (one of the priciest cities in the world). Sydney is the only city that comes close, and unlike Adelaide, Melbourne is significantly more expensive than the national average. Melbourne’s streets mingle your senses and emotions in a way that is difficult to explain in any other way but as distinct and rich.

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