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Are you a citizen Canada Are you getting scam calls or messages by CRA? Read on to find out more about the calls and messages. These messages may be sent by scammers, who can steal your personal data and clear your bank balance.

Canadians are now afraid to receive the revenue agency message. This message is not legit. It appears to be a scam. The Cra Interac Scam is available here for those who are not aware.

The Scam of Cra Interac

A group of fraudsters is sending an electronic message to Canadians or making a phone call sharing a message. It’s an electronic transfer from your monthly revenue that the government has collected so you can pay it through the link below.

Nevertheless, after reviewing these cases, the main CRA issued a notice advising that the public does not need an etransfer for revenue collection. Instead, credit will be given directly to the account by the authentic source of the CRA.

Cra Interac Scam Notifications

An Interac email reminder pops up. It includes the email ID and link where you can deposit the money. You will also receive a message confirming that CRA has received XXX amount. Click the link to deposit the amount into the bank.

The CRA will confirm that the message is a scam. They will instruct readers to send a Police case warning or get aggressive and threaten the scammers. Please contact your local police station to file lawsuits against the messages and calls. CRA doesn’t encourage threatening messages.

Cra Interac scam Latest Case

A student filed a complaint at the police station concerning the CRA e–transfer scam. A student stated that he received a message claiming that CRA had sent him $550.44. The message also provided an e-transfer link so he could transfer the money.

The student saw the suspicious behavior and reported the matter to the Waterloo regional police station. Police discovered multiple scam messages or calls were being sent via CRA to victims after reporting the case. Police notified the revenue authority of the Cro Interac Scam and the CRA acted to stop the messages being spread. We do not encourage E payments that include personal information. You can also verify the CRA account prior to making any payment.


New theft fraud is underway in Canada. People are being conned in the name of a CRA agent. Citizens are receiving suspicious payments from CRA. However, CRA denies this alert and says it’s a scam.

Have you ever received Cro Interac Scam messages. Please leave a comment.

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