Creating a 3D Paper Cut Light Box

Make Your Own Design

You have to first download the template and print it out. It has been designed for a 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inches) lighting box, but you can scale it down and up if necessary. You can make a unique design of your own. We recommend that you use a white card stock of 170 grams, as it is steep and thin enough to let the light pass. Place your first layer onto the card stock and fit a rim of approximately 1 cm on each layer. This makes it much easier for you to glue your layers. For downloading the Paper cut light box SVG Cricut files, please click on the link.

Cut the Layers

Cut it off using an X-Acto knife once you’ve finished your first layer. X-acto knife is an original tool for cutting your projects with the highest precision. Put the first layer on the store of another card and draw the next layer. Remove the 1st layer, complete the 2nd layer. Cut it out, and repeat it until all layers are completed.

Reassemble the Layers

The layers are mounted between them with foam spacers. This makes the image look deep and creates a 3D effect. Remove the spacers from the foam. Each has a width of 1 cm. Cut twelve 25 cm spacers and another twelve 18 cm spacers. Each layer should have four spacers.

Stick together the layers. Stick the spacers around the first layer edges and then glue on top of it the next layer. Ensure that the layers are well aligned. Repeat this until all layers are galvanised. You need not separate these three layers with spacers to obtain a reflection effect, but instead you should paste them together. The layer of water passes behind the layer of the horse, and the layer upwards goes after the layer of water.

Build a Wooden Box

Now is the time to construct the box of wood. You can also purchase pre-made boxes, but you can create them alone if you want to work with wood. Measure your layers’ thickness plus approximately 2 cm room for lights, frames and glass panels. My case is 8 cm deep. If you want, you can leave more room because my fit was tight.

Build a Frame Inside

You will need another frame within the box of 1 x 1 cm wood stripe in order to hold the glass in place. Cut two 25 cm pieces and 2 18 cm pieces. In the box glue and drop them out.

Paint the Light Box

You must paint the light box after that. The outside can be painted as you like, but the back piece should be painted white and not covered in a panel with a card.


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