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CRM Systems Overview

A customer relationship management (CRM) system enables you to pay fewer devices on everyday job responsibilities. This is likely gratefulness to the industrialization of the rules of the traffic area, purchasing, and professional help.

In this report, we have assembled the best CRM systems: both general and recess. 

OneBox CRM

In OneBox CRM, you can keep inventory, create and edit product cards, see always up-to-date information on the amount of sale, cost price, margin. The system allows you to automate manual processes: creating subtasks, sending letters to customers, task reminders, posting products, accounting for obligations, and much more. Individual implementation, revisions and paid technical support are carried out optionally through integrators. There is a possibility to buy out the license.

More than 250 integrations are available with cloud storage, callback widgets, telephony services, email clients and other software. An important feature is the use of the principles of a neural network, that is, the program can independently answer typical questions from potential customers and assess the likelihood of a deal. A manager is needed only for solving non-standard tasks.

Main features:

  • automatic loading of prices for suppliers and partners;
  • financial and warehouse accounting;
  • voice setting of tasks;
  • analysis of the employee’s working day;
  • automatic hiring and firing of employees;
  • management of incoming calls and call routing, control of missed calls.

Event rental CRM

Event rental CRM is used to support event planning by giving important details and necessary actions. Event rental CRM software is accessible on different platforms and enables the management of all clients, prospects, customers, venues, locations, budgets, tickets and databases.

It can be used for more than just event planning. It can also help manage rentals, inventory and invoicing from one location in order to streamline workflow. Most companies that are renting large equipment for events need reliable rental CRM software to be able to create rental agreements, manage reservations and hands-on delivery.

Main features:

• Event rental CRM (Client Relationship Management) allows planners and venues to book, manage and organize events by themselves or with the use of a helpdesk.

• Hosting an event is a time-consuming task that requires flexibility, adaptability and creativity.

• A CRM can track every step of the event rental process by streamlining payments and offering opportunities to divide revenue with a rented inventory.

• Event rental CRM is a business event management software for renting and organizing corporate events. It assists corporations in contract negotiations, project planning, event-exchanging and ticketing.

• Event rental CRM is a cost-effective, quick solution to boost your brand awareness and communicate multiple messages for one fee.


CRM for medium-sized businesses and large projects was created jointly by Bitrix and 1C. This is a professional system with a full set of tools for organizing the company’s collaboration: contact center, tasks and projects, sales, the company’s social network, website builder. There is both a cloud and a box version.

In the Russian and Ukrainian markets, Bitrix24 confidently ranks among the top three business solutions due to its great functionality (their number directly depends on the chosen tariff plan) and ease of management. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the closeness of customization. For example, in the free version, you can add only one administrator, and when connecting the most expensive plan, the number of administrators is unlimited.

Main features:

  • automatic reporting;
  • online document builder;
  • sales generator – can automatically offer existing customers (both all and individual groups) certain promotions;
  • marketing functions – email newsletters, sms, personalized advertising offers to strengthen initial and repeat deals;
  • marketing automation for agencies;
  • convenient internal chat and video calls;
  • integration with telephony, calendars, social networks, 1C;
  • functional mobile application compatible with all devices.


Cloud-based data collection method for personalized customer communication based on records. Perfect solution for organizing the production of maintenance duties.

The software includes an integrated customer support system, online chat, analytics and reports, sales automation, etc. For the convenience of communicating with customers, the creation of personal tickets is provided. 

Main features:

  • complete data security thanks to multi-level authentication and the ability to create backups in several places at once;
  • flexible functionality and the ability to expand it through its own application store for integration;
  • gamified customer classification;
  • setting up template answers to the most common questions.

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