Croatian telecom operators leaked data, and 200000 people’s information was exposed

A1 Hrvatska, a Croatian telephone operator, disclosed a data leak that affected 10% of its customers and approximately 200000 people. Customers’ sensitive personal information, such as name, personal ID number, address, and phone number, can be accessed by the threat person. The threat did not gain access to online accounts, and no financial information was disclosed. At the moment, telephone companies have not provided detailed information about security flaws.

“Unfortunately, despite advanced security measures and continuous improvement of the security level, a security incident occurred in one of the user databases, resulting in the loss of some A1 users’ personal data. A great deal of effort is being expended in order to ascertain all of the facts surrounding the security incident. So far, computer forensics has determined that less than 10% of A1 users may be harmed “” total ” Examine the company’s data disclosure notice. “Name, address, OIB, and phone number are displayed. We emphasize that bank card and account information will not be disclosed because it is not available in the specified database. We will notify all users who may disclose personal information directly.”

The company has hired a computer forensics team to assist with the investigation and has notified law enforcement as well as affected customers.

This embarrassing situation is very important to A1 Croatia. Following the initial indications of suspected unauthorized access to the user group, Croatia immediately blocked further unauthorized access and implemented additional safeguards.

According to the official response: “Croatia adheres to the highest security and data protection standards, and we will continue to invest to improve the security environment. The recurrence of this security incident is improbable, and it will have no impact on the delivery of services to customers.”

According to reports, the security flaw had no effect on A1 Hrvatska’s service or operation. In the meantime, another mobile operator was the victim of a serious cyber attack this week. Vodafone Portugal was the victim of a major cyber attack, which caused service disruptions throughout the country, and the media reported that 4G / 5G communication and television services were temporarily disrupted.

With the ongoing advancement of information technology, there has been a surge in the creation of network environments and the dissemination of data information all over the world in recent years. Cloud computing, cyber security, vm backup and recovery have all become hot topics as computer storage information has grown. The most valuable asset of a business is information, which is stored in the computer as data. It is necessary to protect computer-based information to ensure the continued operation and success of enterprise businesses. Almost every network in some countries will be equipped with special external storage devices, and these devices have indeed played a role in turning the world around in many catastrophic data loss accidents.

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