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Crypto Eats Scam in uk What are the Reactions of People?

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The guide provides details on the latest Cyber Eats scam to prevent people avoid falling victim to these scams.

Cryptocurrency is everywhere and has marked its presence in a variety of industries and niches. Even food delivery apps accept Crypto as a method of payment. It’s true as a brand-new food delivery service known as Crypto Eats promises to accept payment for food delivery with Crypto coins and tokens.

But, what if you’re unfamiliar with this Crypto world and have no idea about the unstable Crypto market. If that’s the scenario, you could be easily swindled by the Crypto Foods Scam that targets a lot of individuals across all over the United Kingdom.

We will talk about the scam in more detail.

What is Crypto Eats?

Crypto Eats claim to be the first food delivery decentralized application that will accept payments using Cryptocurrency. The application is expected to be launched by the beginning of 2022, which will make ordering food and delivery more convenient for people of the United Kingdom.

The application is said to connect the payment for food delivery by accepting Crypto tokens and coins in place of credit card and COD. According to the sources the food delivery app is being launched with the eyes of the private blockchain expert Wade Philips.

Who is the Founder of Crypto Eats?

Before we get into the details of this Crypto Eats scam we should know more about the person who founded it and market analysis of this native currency.

Crypto Eats is founded by the elusive Blockchain expert, developer and blockchain enthusiast Wade Philips. He is a highly skilled blockchain developer with many years working experience within the area. The application is currently in stage of development and will be ready for release in early 2022.

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What is the Market Statistics of the EATS?

According to the sources The current market capitalization for the native EATS token is $875.384. The coin surpassed the value 7 million dollar only ten minutes from the time it was made available on exchanges.

The maximum and total supply of 7 000 000 EATS.

What is the Crypto Eats Scam All About?

Crypto Eats is the newly created food delivery application that comes with the native cryptocurrency EATS. However, some Crypto investors have complained about the application and the native token are a fraud.

Many have lost their money due to this latest Crypto fraud. The app is said to allow users to purchase food items and make use of Crypto as a payment method. The app’s developer has promoted the app with a clever strategy to attract thousands of potential investors.

When the application was set to launch they discovered that the application was compromised, which meant that everything, from the Facebook page to their website was taken offline. It appears to be a scam and the public should not be drawn the Crypto Eats scam.

Individuals who have already made an investment in the EATS coin are unable to redeem or exchange it on any exchange. Holders are receiving errors when trying to exchange it against BNB.

What are the Reactions of People?

After conducting an online search the internet, we came across a wealth of information concerning the scam. Many are using the forum for discussion as well as social media to voice their thoughts regarding the scam. When the application goes live numerous investors have poured their money in the venture but without being aware of it. crypto Eats Scam.

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However, when trying to convert the EATS coin and receive the error code. A few holders have also stated that their social and website hyperlinks aren’t functioning anymore after the team said they were compromised prior to the launch date.

Now, many are encouraging others to stay vigilant against these scams.


Crypto Eats seems to be fraudulent project trying to extort people’s funds. A lot of users have stated that scams are being used to steal their cash and, as of now, they can’t trade their EATS for any cryptocurrency or token.

If you’re looking to stay clear of this type of Crypto Eats scam be sure to know the typical scams that occur in cryptocurrency and ways to avoid these scams to remain safe and secure.

Are you a victim this kind of fraud? Please share the actions you’ve taken to report the scam in the comments section.

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