Crystallized Aut What is the Move Set for Crystallized?

Video games are replacing televisions for teenagers in today’s age. You are looking for A Universal Time to crystallize your thoughts?

With its frequent updates and improved stand features, A Universal Time is a major player in the videogame industry. One of these is Crystallized. It is a curiosity that people in the Philippines and the United States are interested to learn more.

We will be sharing every materialistic and minute detail about Crystallized aut. today.What is Unique About A Universal Time?

Roblox’s most loved game, A Universal Time, is one of its most beloved games. Because of its unique concept and props, it holds a special place in players’ hearts.

The game’s incredible rewards make it an amazing gaming experience. Aut has achieved great success in a very short time.

Crystallized is the new name for the game. You will get a more detailed description of the game through further discussions.

What is Crystallized Aut?

Crystallized, a brand new model by Aut, has a unique appearance and incredible powers.

These are some of the characteristics that characterize crystallized.

They have small crystal chunks sticking out of their heads.

The model has a dark purple body and diagonally lit purple stripes that form a distinctive motif.

They have a Neon orange cross on the hands that is similar to their faces.

Stand Arrow on Kazuma Kiryu can be used to obtain crystallized.

What is the Move Set for Crystallized?

These are the key binds crystallized Aut which hold the given command.

Click (Light Punch),: This allows the model perform quick left and right hooks.

This will result in 10 punches and take 0.1 seconds to cool off.

E+ hold (Crystallized Barrrage): This allowed the model to quickly boast of heavy strikes and quick. It did 144 damage in total and 12 per hit. It took about 4-6 seconds for it to cool down.

R (Crystallized heavy punch): It strikes a competitor with a single heavy blow, causing 35 injuries in one hit. The cooldown time is 4-6 seconds.

What are the Key Features Of Crystallized?

Here are some key features of crystallized aut:

You can get a combination of sound mobility and mobility with (B + V).

It’s a great short-term option.

It is very limited in terms of move options.

The evolution of Planet Sharper takes quite a while (for approximately 4- 5 hours) to reach an average.

Wrapping it All

Crystallized can be obtained in the game right now. It is a magnificent looking creature and can perform a number of actions and powers.

Aut is an entertaining game thanks to its unique stands such as Crystallized Aut. These are just a few facts about the stand.

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