Curating Change: How to Combat at Toxic Company Culture

A toxic corporate culture can affect you in several ways, from increasing your workplace stress to lowering your mental and physical health. While a corporation is important, a truly toxic company culture will impact the well-being and productivity of your employees.

A toxic workplace will have a similar mental toll, leading to lower well-being and decreased mental health. How can you fight back against a negative workplace and create a healthier, happier workplace?

But what is toxic company culture, and what can you do to fight back against it? Read on to learn more!

Increase Accountability for Bad Behaviors

It all starts at the top, with management setting the standard and holding everyone accountable to the same level of expectations. Corporate policies should be implemented that clearly define the rules of behavior and the consequences for violating them.

It may be discussed through meetings or should be included in the job description ahead of time. Bad behavior should be addressed immediately and appropriately, such as:

  • gossiping
  • bullying
  • sexual harassment

Managers should also lead by example. This is by consistently treating employees with respect and openly discussing issues with employees. Consider this, rather than simply reprimanding them.

Utilize Conflict Management Strategies

When a company has a toxic culture, it is important to foster positive interaction and utilize conflict management strategies. Managers should work with their teams to identify when the company culture is becoming toxic. They should work together to find solutions.

This can help identify areas of conflict and start solving them. Non-violent communication techniques can also be beneficial. This is by helping team members address problems without making a situation worse.

Establish Clear Communication Guidelines

Establishing clear communication guidelines is one of the best ways to combat a toxic company culture. Encouraging open and honest conversations is critical to helping reduce misunderstandings. It also builds trust between employees.

Encouraging feedback between all levels of the organization and ensuring there is a process in place to handle disputes is critical. It’s important to create a space where honest opinions and diverse perspectives are heard.

Promote Team Building and Inclusion

At its core, the goal of a team building and inclusion exercise is to develop strong, meaningful relationships within organizations. Different tactics may work for different organizations. This depends on the company:

  • structure
  • culture
  • objectives

The ultimate goal of team building and inclusion should be to create a safe and supportive work environment for all team members. Team building activities should be done, such as:

  • shared meals
  • community outreach activities
  • social events
  • competitions
  • ice breaker exercises

These can help to foster collaboration and trust. Additionally, companies should strive to create an environment of:

  • ongoing feedback
  • open dialogue
  • role-modeling
  • respectful communication

Finally, actively promote a sense of belonging on all levels of the organization to all members. This includes those from different backgrounds and perspectives. This is essential for creating an inclusive environment.

Read More About Toxic Company Culture

After discussing ways to combat toxic company culture, you’ll understand that it takes a proactive effort from all parties involved to manage it effectively.

If you are ever concerned about the company culture at your workplace, remember to talk to your colleagues and speak up for yourself or others in need. Take the initiative to read more about toxic company culture. Actively strive to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

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