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Custom Memorials and Gravestones by Raincoast Memorials

Nobody likes to think about how a gravestone (or cemetery marker) should read, especially when it’s for a loved one who has recently passed. However, for many people, commissioning a memorial is an essential part of laying that person to rest with dignity. 

Helping families choose an appropriate cemetery marker and ensuring a perfect inscription demands a company that is empathetic, highly skilled, and knowledgeable of the cemetery business. 

Raincoast Memorials has been that company in Greater Vancouver since 2008. 

A Company That Caters to the Needs of Vancouver Families

How you acknowledge a loved one’s passing is a personal decision. Whether you prefer a low-key marker or something more prominent, Raincoast Memorials can guide you through the many options available for commemorating that person’s life.  

As a supplier of everything from sculptured monuments and columbariums to wood caskets and cremation benches, the company carries a wide assortment of funeral products catering to every culture and family tradition. 

For founder Herb McDowall, that means providing service in various languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Tagalog.

Custom Craftsmanship

It is the personalized touches that ultimately make an upright granite cemetery marker so meaningful. That’s why Raincoast Memorials prides itself on the high level of custom design, engraving, and installation work they provide. 

The products as Raincoast Memorials are more than markers for identification; they are a lasting tribute to the character and spirit of the departed. As such, it is those personal, detailed touches that genuinely resonate with the company’s customers.  

Raincoast Memorials and its sister company, Raincoast Sandblasting, specialize in engraving, hand etching, and sandblasting using the latest software for precision customization. The memorials they sell are made to order, and the job isn’t done until they have your final approval. 

“In Remembrance of…” or Something Else

Just because the company is known for its tasteful, precision lettering on granite, that doesn’t mean the work is creatively limited in any way.

If you can draw it on a sheet of paper, Raincoast Memorials can add it to your memorial. Special symbols add visual appeal and speak to the deceased’s passions in life.

Whether it’s a line carving of open gates (representing the afterlife) or a sculpted relief of a sleeping cherub (symbolizing innocence), the talented masons at Raincoast Memorials will help you achieve your vision. 

Preserving the Memory of Your Loved Ones Is Important

Raincoast Memorials understands how emotional selecting funeral products can be. 

Choosing an appropriate memorial, monument, or cremation bench is much easier when you deal with a company well-versed in the processes and protocols involved. 

At Raincoast Memorials, you receive caring, highly responsive service dedicated to honoring those who have passed on. 

Cost-saving factory pricing and elegant craftsmanship have made Raincoast Memorials a fixture in the Vancouver funeral community.
Residents of the Lower Mainland are invited to visit the company’s showrooms in Vancouver and Surrey. If you have questions about getting started on something special, get in touch with their team.

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