Custom Pitt Panther Football Jerseys: The irreplaceable symbol of Pitt Panther

In a match against Louisville in 2020, Pitt presented a jersey with city-inspired graphics. While the apparel undoubtedly offered a moving homage to a community in need of support amid a worldwide pandemic, there’s a reason custom Pitt Panther football jerseys has been discontinued use.

The Custom Pitt Panther Jersey

Similar to professional clubs, the custom Pitt Panther football jerseys were gray with gold highlights and included tiny tributes to the city, including a “H2P” in the style of US Steel’s emblem. It was entertaining for one game, but when Pitt fell at home to Notre Dame 45-3 the second time around, the novelty rapidly wore off.

The problem was that the jerseys didn’t appear to be Pitt-issued. Even former quarterback Kenny Pickett expressed displeasure with the alternate jersey lineup on the “Pardon My Take” show from Barstool Sports.

I’m not a great admirer of our Steel City jerseys, Pickett stated. It’s simply not us,

He claimed Pitt’s distinctive hues are what made it unique.

Nobody other has these hues, according to Pickett. “These colors instantly identify Pitt as you turn on the TV. That, in my opinion, is very unique.

He is entirely correct.

Proud of the custom Pitt Panther jersey

In all of collegiate athletics, Pitt boasts one of the most recognizable branding packages. The blue and gold jerseys and Pitt’s script emblem are recognizable. They were sporting the blue and gold back when Tony Dorsett and Dan Marino led the Panthers to on-field success. Pitt once broke with tradition, donning navy blue and a mustard yellow color scheme in the early 2000s, when athletic director Heather Lyke through a complete rebranding of the department.

The athletic department stated on Twitter that the makeover sought to “honor the past” and “reflect the future.” Pitt quickly brought back one of the top football jerseys in the nation when it switched back to its traditional royal blue and gold attire. Custom Pitt football jerseys included various features to celebrate its campus, such as the Cathedral font, while also honoring the vintage jerseys Marino and Dorsett wore.

Lyke made a mistake by straying from the royal and gold for a few decades, but she made amends in 2019. It is a mistake to try to create too many outfits and do too much just to say Pitt has an alternate jersey.

Pitt football jersey custom is able to mix and match the Panthers’ current uniform sets. In fact, adding an all-white uniform set to the rotation is a creative concept that would honor history while retaining fan interest.

Pitt Panther Football Team

But after all is said and done, people tend to link Pitt with the lettering and the color combination of blue and gold. The addition of the “Panther head” emblem and the new Cathedral typeface, which modernizes the tradition, are more examples of Pitt’s skillful attempt to keep things interesting.

There is no need to deviate from custom Pitt Panther football jerseys, which are among the best in the league. Sure, compared to the other teams in the city, the color palette is unconventional.  

Because Pitt is a part of the city, the way its jerseys are now pays respect to it.

Pitt ought to proudly don the blue, gold, and script helmet. Upholding tradition is the finest approach to respect Pittsburgh’s past.

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