Cynthia Davis Big Rich Texas Who are Cynthia Davis?

Many of us may have heard or seen about the TV reality show Big Rich Texas of the United States. You may have also heard of Cynthia Davis or Alexandra. Alexandra has been a public figure in controversy and everyone wants to know more.

Cynthia Davis Texas Alexandra has claimed that her billionaire father is a billionaire. People are starting to search for every little detail, which is why this story has become viral. Let’s look at this article for more information about Alexandra and her alleged father.

Who are Cynthia Davis?

American actress. She is best known for her performance as Cooley High in 1975. Recently, Cynthia Davis was in the news because of her role in Big Rich Texas’ web series. It premiered in 2011. Alexandra, Cynthia’s little girl, was also featured in this series. She played the role Cynthia’s child.

Latest Controversy Of Cynthia Davis Dallas And Her Daughter

Alexandra Davis, Cynthia Davis’s child, filed a suit against Dallas cowboys Jerry Jones. She claimed that she is the biological son of jerryjones. Alexandra’s lawyers filed a Dallas court lawsuit. They stated that Cynthia and Jerry Jones were in a relationship during the 1990s, from which she became pregnant. Cynthia signed an agreement with Jerry Jones in order to financially support Alexandra and her child.

Alexandra Davis has asked the Dallas court to clarify that she isn’t legally bound by any settlements made between Cynthia Davis Big Rich Texas (jerry Jones) and Cynthia Davis. She stated that she was not willing to lose her financial trust. She asked for a declaration that the settlement agreement is invalid.

Allusions to Jerry Jones in a Lawsuit.

Cynthia was separated from her husband when she met Jones. Jones followed her and they started a relationship. Alexandra was born in 1996 after this relationship. It was found that Cynthia’s husband was not her father. Instead, Alexandra is Jerry Jones’ daughter. Joenes and his lawyer settled with Cynthia Davis Texas, agreeing to pay Cynthia $57,000.

The agreement between the parties was that Jones would provide financial assistance to the mother as well as the child provided she doesn’t publicize it. A second settlement was reached in which Alexandra would receive financial support through Jerry Jones’ trust until she turned 21. She also received a yearly lump sum of money at 24, 26, and 28.


This article discusses the alleged marriage of Cynthia Davis to her billionaire father, Jerry Jones. We also saw the settlement Cynthia & Big Rich Texasand Jerry Jones to cover the fact that Alexandra was biologically fathered by jones.

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