Daily Crumbles Harvest :- Daily Harvest Crumbles: How to Avoid the Problems

The guide includes information on the gastrointestinal effects caused by Daily Crunch Harvest.

Daily Harvest Lentils, and Crumbles can cause gastrointestinal issues. Many people in the United States as well as the Canada have suffered gastrointestinal distress after eating Daily Harvest French Lentil (and Leek Crumbles) from a meal delivery company, Daily Harvest.

The meal delivery company claimed that they would take all necessary steps to end the sale of lentil-based products. After receiving numerous complaints and reports from customers, the company decided to recall all lentil-based products and meals. On Sunday, they issued a statement asking consumers to discard the products.

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Daily Harvest Crumbles: How to Avoid the Problems

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery provider that is in high demand these days. This is especially after some of its customers reported having gastrointestinal problems after eating French Lentils, Leek Crumbles and other foods.

After many consumer posts about the problems with their stomachs caused by lentil products, the company posted an official recall statement on their website last Sunday. On Friday, the company sent an email asking consumers to discard all lentil-based products.

How did the company respond to Daily Harvest Lentil/Leek Crumble Posts

Daily Harvest published a recall announcement on Sunday informing consumers to discontinue use of lentil-based products. The recall was issued after receiving complaints from customers about digestive issues following consumption of French Lentils (and Leek Crumbles).

The company promptly responded to the complaints by saying they were taking the appropriate steps to address them. They also encouraged consumers to discard any leftover lentil and leek crumbs and stop using them.

The company offers a $10 credit on every bag of Daily Harvest Lentil. The supply chain is being checked by both internal and external investigators. Daily Harvest also urges the consumers to stop using the lentil-based products and send an email at [email protected] if they have any queries.

What’s the Customer’s Response?

Daily Harvest customers used social media to voice their concerns and share their experiences after the complaints. Luke Tashie, an individual who received the recall email from Daily Harvest, said that he isn’t convinced the company will respond to the matter quickly.

The same post was shared by dozens of consumers on social media platforms, as well as the Daily Harvest Facebook page. They share their experiences after having consumed Daily Cumbles Harvest or lentil-based products.

You can also read the updates about the issues. For more information and updates, visit the Official Twitter Page. It will show you how the company handles the complaints.


Daily Harvest is a meal delivery platform with more than 60,000,000 followers on social media. After receiving multiple complaints from customers about the digestive issues caused by eating the company’s lentil products, Daily Harvest is now making headlines. The company quickly responded to all complaints and encouraged users to cease using it.

An investigation has been launched to investigate the supply chain at Daily Cumbles Harvest. Are you familiar with lentils purchased from the company Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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