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Dalyis Reviews Specifications

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This article provides clarification regarding Dalyis reviews. Be sure to read this before buying any item from this website.

Are you a fan of shopping and loves to visit the market frequently? However, sometimes it is stressful going to the market to purchase something. What happens if you can get the outfit you want at home and pick from a variety of choices? Dalyis.Com is a site which offers a range of trendy clothes when you visit the site.

The site began to gain popular throughout Australia, Canada and in the United States. However, before investing in this type of site online it is important to research its effectiveness. Let’s get the facts straight through Dalyis reviews.

Summary of Dalyis. Com

Dalyis.com is an internet-based store that offers ready-to-wear clothes that are suitable for any season. Dresses for summer and spring as well as winter and autumn casual sweaters, casual dresses and cardigans are all available. This site is able to provide various clothes, from casual dress to cozy sweat dresses for its customers.

There is no middleman between the buyers and producers. This is the reason there are no additional costs included in the product and helps to keep prices at a reasonable level. Dalyis claims to have provided clothing to a number of well-known clothing brands before its website. Let’s see if Dalyis is Dalyis Legit and not studying the website thoroughly.


  • Site TypeThis website is one that is accessible virtually. It offers a wide range of trendy and cool clothing.
  • Website : https://www.dalyis.com/.
  • E-Mail Address: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: available in other trustworthy platforms.
  • Contact Numberavailable at a different reliable website.
  • Cost of Items:Reasonable cost.
  • Sort Or Filter:Not Available.
  • Options For Payment:
  • Shipping Policy:Shipping time depends on the choices made by the client. The cost of shipping will depend on the regions or countries.
  1. Free shipping on orders of more than USD 79.
  2. Portal shipping takes 35 business days.
  3. Express shipping within 35 business days.

For a complete understanding regarding Dalyis Review you must read the review until the very end.

  • Deliver TimeDepends upon the region or country.
  • Return Policy:Available within 30 days after receipt of the product.
  • Social Media Links:Connected to Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s discuss both its negative and positive aspects to know more.

Positive Side

  • This website has a fantastic selection of fashionable, trendy and attractive cool things.
  • The price of the product are very low compared to their quality.
  • Links to social platforms are readily available.
  • HTTPS is a feature that provides customers with security..
  • Dalyis Review can be accessed to assist customers to resolve any doubts.

Negative Side

  • It only has a trust score of one which suggests doubts regarding its authenticity.
  • Owner’s identity isn’t discovered.
  • The site was launched in November of last year. While the website claims they’ve been in contact with numerous famous brands over time and even supplied clothing to the brands, there isn’t definitive evidence that supports that their claims are true.
  • Alexa rating is also extremely high.

These are two positive aspects of this website. We will find out the credibility of this website.

Is Dalyis Legit?

  • Site Age It came in operation on the 25th of November 2021. This means that the lifespan of this site is not more than six months.
  • Trust Score of the Site: Trust score is 11%.
  • ranking in Alexa: Ranking in Alexa is over 10 million.
  • Validity Of The contact address: It does not provide its official address. Although we have its contact information on another platform, it’s unclear.
  • Customer Reviews: Available.
  • Owner Identity: Unknown.
  • Return And Exchange Policy: Present.
  • The policy for refunds: The refund arrangement is processed within 7 business days of the date of receipt of the product.

Dalyis Reviews

The official site has reviews by customers. However, our study found that there is only one high review of the products by the client. The customer’s comments are not visible on the portal. final site.

Furthermore, no reputable online review website also includes any kind of review about this website. So, we can’t determine if the reviews are genuine or element of the system of internal linking. In the meantime, click below to claim your money Refunded from PayPal If You’ve Been Scammed.

Final Verdict

The final decision on Dalyis.Com is a difficult task because we have found a mix of data for this site. Users have given a good rating to the site, however, since we don’t have an exact description of the owner’s name and the contact information We are forced to resort to encouraging customers to invest in Dalyis.Com as we are not happy with Dalyis reviews.

In the present, we suggest that readers avoid investing in this site. Additionally, click here to find the information of fashionable tops. Also, all you Need to Be aware of about Credit Card scams can be found on this page.

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