Dana White Wife Video {Jan 2023} Does the video exist?

What was your New Year’s Eve like? It was a good experience. Celebrities enjoy new year’s Eve just like you. Some incidents can make this a serious situation. Recent Dana White Wife Video at a nightclub has shocked people in the United States and Canada. People are now talking about a White Couple, who have been married for approximately 30 years. Please stay connected with us.

Dana with His Wife: Viral video

If you’re connected to social media, you have probably seen the viral video of Anne and Dana. The video shows the couple fighting. According to online sources, the couple went out to a nightclub for New Year’s Eve celebrations. They were actually engaged to be in a fight.

Viral on Twitter: How Did It Get Started?

Online sources indicate that it wasn’t an intentional fight. It was a miscommunication between the couple. Anne White, the wife of UFC President, leaned forward towards her husband to express her opinion. She then moved her hands across Dana’s face as if she were going to spank him. Dana was the same reaction to her husband’s actions. Then, people around them began to pull them apart. The entire scene was recorded by someone who uploaded it to platforms such as Reddit.

Dana White’s reaction to This

According to TMZ, Dana spoke out about the incident. He described what had occurred that night. He said that he felt guilty about this because he respects their relationship. He also said that he felt embarrassed and that their primary concern is their children. However, the couple did tell their children about their fight. Dana also stated that Anne and he had been drinking heavily. In their 30 years of marriage, there was no controversy.

Anne also voiced her opinion on Tiktok viral videos. She stated that everything went out of control. They discussed this with their children and families. She said that she and her husband had both apologized to one another for the incident. She asked everyone to be respectful of their children’s privacy and give them space.

Is there a video?

You can view this video online. The video has been shared by many sources, including Telegram.


You can watch the fight video of Dana or Anne by clicking here.

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