Dance In Front Of Cakes Not Working Do you want to learn about the Dance in Front of Cakes Isn’t Working ?

Have you played Fortnite and discovered that dance in front of Cakes Not Working? Let’s review the reason it occurred and learn what you can do to get dance.

In Chapter 2, season eight of Fortnite, Epic Game has created a quest to commemorate the birthday of the Fortnite game. This season there are three quests offered to players from America. United StatesIt isOne of the missions is to dance before the cake that is birthday-themed while the other is to devour the cake that was given to you on birthday.

So, let’s check the information on dancing in front of Cakes not working It is a problem withand the solution.

What is Fortnite?

It is a role-playing survival game that’s multiplayer game that is cross-platform and multi-player. It was first released at the end of July in 2017.

In season 8, upon completion of the quest, you’ll be given an item called the Hoopla Hammer harvesting tool, Back Bling Emoticon. There are 14 cakes scattered in various locations. Below is a list of the locations.

  • Catty Corner, the cake is located near the petrol station.
  • Retail Row The cake is located in the main car park
  • Misty Meadows, the cake is located on the road to the east end that is the eastern side of the city. Let’s review the dance steps to perform in front of the Birthday Cakes Fortnite in Fortnitein the following section.
  • Lazy Lake The cake is located close to the toll booth
  • Believer Beach, near the car-park
  • Pleasant Park, the cake is located in the central park, near the football field
  • Coral Castle, the cake is located at the south of the entry
  • Craggy Cliffs Craggy Cliffs, the cake is located opposite Fishsticks restaurant.
  • The cake, Corny Crops is served at the farmhouse.
  • Steamy stacks, the cake is located in the car park
  • Dirty Docks the cake is on the southern end of an industrial warehouse
  • Sludgy Swamp The cake is located in central part of the area of the factory.
  • Holly Hedges, the cake is situated at the front of the garden centre.

Do you want to learn about the Dance in Front of Cakes Isn’t Working ?

You will find balloons and some other party items scattered around the area. Once you have found the cake for the birthday You must be closer to it. If you’re too far of the dessert, then your movements will not be considered. When you get close to the cake, you can press on the D-PAD to begin dancing emoticons. It’s as easy as that. Once you have completed your quest, it is marked as complete. Be aware that you have to dance before at least four cakes in various places to complete your quest.

Dance in Front of Cakes Not Working:

In addition to the locations mentioned above there are many different locations on the island that you can locate the cake. For instance, Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods locations. However dancing before cakes in these locations does not count towards the completion of the quest.


Dancers performed before cupcakes in Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods locations, but their quest was not complete after having completed four locations. Be aware that in order to complete your quest you must EXCLUDE Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods locations. Unfortunately, the players thought that dancing in front of Cakes Not Working.

Have you played Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8? We would love to hear about your experiences playing Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8.

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