Dapper Edge: Tips for Styling Leather Jackets for Men

Men’s bernardo leather jacket stand the test of time and remain in trend forever. The classy appeal of this iconic outerwear has been attracting fashion enthusiasts for ages now. These fashion staples make a powerful statement by complimenting every outfit that you wear. 

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Sleek Biker Look:

A sleek biker look balances out rugged masculinity with a decent style. To create a perfect biker look, get yourself a sleek leather biker jacket with minimum embellishments on it. Pair it with a neutral-colored shirt underneath like white, grey, or black.  When it comes to bottoms, choose skinny jeans for a rugged and edgy look. Add a pair of polished and sleek leather boots to achieve the proper biker style. To complete this look, wear accessories like aviator sunglasses to give a mysterious vibe to your outfit.

Chic Bomber Style:

A bomber-style look strikes a balance between laid-back comfort and sophistication. To attain this style, look for a perfectly tailored and precisely crafted leather bomber jacket first. Then pair it with a plain T-shirt in a color that complements your jacket. While choosing the bottom for this look, consider a slim-fit pair of jeans in neutral or monochromatic colors. Add leather loafers to attain a refined overall look. Finally, pay attention to accessories that go well with the outfit like a classic wristwatch and a unique leather belt. Bomber style is a versatile style that is suitable for every type of setting, from casual to semi-formal.

Elevating Business Attire with Leather:

A leather blazer or a leather jacket in a business setting can never go wrong. Choose a well-fitted leather outerwear that flatters the silhouette, creating a sophisticated masculine look for a business meeting. Pair your leather jacket with a white button-down shirt and dress pants for a formal look. Add a tie to maintain a professional appearance. Make sure the jacket doesn’t have extra hardware detailing, keeping the attire simple for a business environment. Overly bold and flashy embellishments can lose the charm of your business attire.  Carry a briefcase or a laptop bag that goes best with your outfit.

Leather Jacket in Casual Setting:

The leather jacket is a go-to outerwear that seamlessly transitions from day to night in a casual setting. Whether you’re going out with friends or grabbing some coffee, or having a night out plan, a leather jacket enhances every look of yours. It can be paired with a graphic tee for a Sunday brunch or with a black shirt for a beachy evening. You can wear a nice pair of ripped jeans with a leather jacket to add a texture and funky look to your outfit. Try wearing a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath your jacket during chilled months.

Play with different Textures and Fabrics:

Playing with different colors and textures with a men’s leather jacket allows you to create some flawless and unique looks. A men’s leather jacket merges well with every fabric and texture. Pair your leather jacket with bright-toned sweaters to attain a rock-style look. For a bold yet elite look, stick to the deep-toned shirts. Pair your leather jacket with a deep green or blue textured shirt to add some edge to your outfit. When it comes to fabric, you can try out shirts in different fabrics. Silk or cotton button-down shirts under your leather jacket will go best for formal events. Indulge in different colors and textures to add character to your style.

Monochrome Style:

Creating a monochromatic theme style with leather puffer jackets men is like embracing the ultimate form of simplicity and sophistication. Wear the shades from one color palette for example, if you have a brown leather jacket, go for a light brown T-shirt and pants. This combination will add visual aesthetics without deviating from the color palette, creating a perfect monochromatic look. You can also play with different fabrics in the same color family. Try accessorizing in the same colors or neutral tones that will merge well with the monochromatic theme.

Vintage-Inspired looks:

To achieve a vintage-inspired look, start by choosing a leather jacket that has unique detailing on it. Vintage-style leather jackets often have contrasting collars and retro zippers. To compliment this unique detailing choose a white T-shirt, cuffed jeans, and leather boots to pair up with.  You can also pair it with a shirt that has a retro pattern, such as polka dots. Wear it with high-waisted jeans to achieve a refined yet vintage vibe.  Add some vintage-inspired accessories like round sunglasses or a newsboy cap to finish off the look.

For a bohemian-inspired look, pair your leather jacket with a paisley shirt, bell-bottom jeans, and boots. Go for earthy and warm-toned shirts that can blend effortlessly with the rustic appearance of the leather jacket. Add some accessories like round sunglasses and a fringe leather bag to create a groovy vintage ensemble.

Sporty Chic Fashion:

For a functional yet fashionable sporty outfit, pair your leather jacket with a hoodie or a zip-up sweatshirt. Complete your look by adding track pants and slim-fit joggers to create a modern yet versatile appearance. Finish off your look by adding vibrant accessories to give some colors to your look. Add a bright-colored stylish gym bag to attain a sporty chic fashion. This look is perfect for a casual setting also, showcasing your fashion-forward and sporty approach.

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