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‘Dark Matter’ Is Renewed For The Last Time: The HBO And Bbc Series Will Come To An End With Season 3

HBO and BBC have decided to renew ‘Dark Matter’ for a third and final season that will serve to close the adventures of Lyra. The news should not take its fans by surprise, as this adaptation has followed Philip Pullman’s literary saga quite closely, which consists of only three installments.

The third season will be based on the book ‘The Lacquered Spyglass’ and will begin shooting in 2021 in the town of Cardiff. In addition, it is also known that it will consist of eight episodes, the same as the first and one more than the second.

This latest renewal of ‘Dark Matter’ comes to a couple of days after the premiere of the end of the second season in the United Kingdom -which we have also seen in Spain-, while its arrival on HBO in the United States will still be delayed until next December 28.

At the moment it is unknown when the premiere of the third season will take place, but it should be remembered that both the first and the second were launched in November. However, the delays caused by the coronavirus may cause it to take a little longer than usual to see the goodbye of ‘Dark matter’.

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