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This article contains all the details on Deasia Watkins Images as well as additional details regarding this horrifying incident. Continue reading to learn more.

Are you familiar with Deasia Watkins’s name? Do you know why the baby’s pictures are so popular on social media? You have found the article you were looking for. Deasia Watkins has been charged with the crime that she committed in 2015. The tragic incident is a hot topic in United States.

In this article we will discuss the full details of Deasia Watkins Photo as well as other information regarding tragic incident. Continue reading the article.

Deasia Watkins Baby Images Trends on the Internet:

Deasia Watkins, a resident of Ohio, was found guilty of committing a crime in 2015. Recently, photos of Deasia and her baby have been going viral online. The pictures have caused people to wonder what happened in 2015 that led to Deasia being sentenced to prison. Social media is flooded with news of the tragic incident.

Deasia Watkins is trending on the internet after Deasia Watkins baby photos became viral. According to reports, Deasia watkins rose to prominence after she stabbed 3 month old daughter on 16th March 2015. Jayniah was the one who killed her daughter. Deasia Watkins, her 3-month-old daughter’s decapitator and stabbing was the charge against her. She was jailed for 15 Years.

Jayniah was found dead in the kitchen of the aunt who had been temporarily caring for Jayniah. Jayniah was found dead with multiple stabbings and a fractured right arm. The Deasia watkins Photos were quite shocking as it was the mother who killed the baby.

The news of the horrific incident is circulating on the internet. Online, there are many images of the baby Jayniah.

Why did Deasia watkins kill her baby?

Deasia Watkins from America is reported to have murdered her three-month old daughter in 2015. Deasia Watkins stabbed her baby Jayniah multiple times, resulting in the infant’s death. The horrifying news and Deasia Watkins photos went viral. This attracted a lot attention. Deasia Watkins, who was diagnosed with postpartum schizophrenia, was reportedly on medication. Summit Behavioral Healthcare was where she attended for a few years before she killed her daughter Jayniah. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of her 3-month-old daughter. Images of Jayniah watkins have recently been appearing on various online platforms. Reddit, Facebook and other social media platforms have made the news viral.

More details about the Horryfying Incident:

On the internet, images of Jayniah Watkins as well as Deasia Watkins Photos are currently gaining a lot of attention. The viral photos sparked interest in the tragedy. Deasia Watkins was found guilty of killing her 3-month-old daughter after stabbing her multiple times with a kitchen knife near the kitchen. Social media platforms have seen a huge surge in popularity of the baby photos. Deasia was found on her bed, covered in blood after killing her child. She was sleeping. She stated how much she loves her daughter during the trial. Deasia watkins Photos Trends on Online Platforms She was diagnosed as having postpartum psychosis, and later sentenced to 15 years in prison. Online platforms are awash with news of the horrific incident.


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