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Decorate Your Rented Home with 5 Easy Ways

Decorating a rented house can be hard and will get you in a dilemma sometimes. And it mainly happens because you are not the main property owner so there are limitations on what you can do with the house. However, it’s still possible to decorate your rented home with some short-term solutions. The list of possible solutions you can try is immense, and this article will guide you with some of the useful tips:

  1. Get Some House Plants

House plants can be an eternal decoration choice that won’t go wrong because they are easy to get from the shop and also easy to decorate with. These living things help give your room a sense of fresh smell. Plants also help with air purification when they perform photosynthesis, which produces oxygen. 

And there are massive ways to deal with your plants. You can place them on the wall as hanging plants or in pots in corners of specific rooms. Basils, cacti, roses, and sunflowers are some of the common plants that people usually use for house decoration.

  1. Set Up a Unique Mirror
Arch Wood Floor Mirror

A mirror is essential when decorating your home. Why is that? Because it can not only make a good impression on your sense of indoor design, but also make your indoor space look larger. 

There are many places to place the mirror. For example, you can place the mirror in the dining, bedrooms, and patio. 

The style of mirrors you can set up in your home is also immense. A typical example is the floor-to-ceiling mirror, which offers a different perspective than most alternatives. You can even complement the appearance of your mirrors with resources like strategically placed mirror lights or fairy string lights.

  1. Hand Decorative Painting

Paintings are also in the category of age-old, and popular solutions for decorating your internal space. You can consider various types of artwork, including watercolor, canvas, and oil paintings. Plus, the list of designs or paint patterns you can pick is also immense. 

While some paintings tend to be costly, think of them as long-term investments. The key to success with paintings is to protect them using resources like varnish or a glass cover. Furthermore, art paintings will stay in style, and you can always complement them with other paintings.

  1. Install LED Fairy Lights credit by@_simplestories_

Twinkle string lights are evidence-based resources for improving the decorations in your rented home. Aside from providing visibility, room decorative lights also help complement the style and appeal of your home. What’s more, they are safe to touch, no damage for the kids or pets.

You can pick different colored led fairy lights, while warm white is the most popular one for indoor decoration. It’s also possible to install the lights in other ways that complement the style you want for your internal space. Consider installing 400 LED 20ft warm white room decorative lights from Ollny which may create a warm atmosphere to your room.

  1. Add Storage Shelves or Baskets

Rental houses are usually with limited space, so saving the space is very important. One decoration technique that will help to save the space is storage shelves or baskets. Apart from being functional and useful, they also help to add appeal and style to your room. 

You can go for the metal or wood types, which often have different decorations or designs for interior spaces. You can even speak with your carpenter to fix a customized variety to suit the nature of the internal space. 


While decorating rented homes can be a dilemma, it’s possible when you have the right ideas. The list above is not set in stone. Instead, its meant to be used as a guide to better decorating your rented home. For more home decor inspiration tips, please visit Ollny blog.

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