Delphi Tattoo Cursed Child Final Verdict

Chris Columbus’s decision to bring the Harry Potter trio together one more time is good news. The last time a movie was made about this series was ten years ago. This makes it a good opportunity for the audience to expect some positive news.

The director plans to make the movie from Harry Potter and his cursed child play, as it is popular with the audience. You can read Delphi Tattoo The Cursed Child until the end to find out more.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

JK Rowling wrote and John Tiffany penned The Cursed Children, a two-part play. The show was first presented in London on July 30th, 2018. It opened on Broadway for American citizens in April 2018

The story of the cursed boy began 19 years before the Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows novel was published. Harry, who is married, works as Head for magical law enforcement in this play.

Ginny is his wife and Albus Severus, he’s son, began his schooling at Hogwarts.

Delphi Tattoo Cursed Child

The story about the cursed children focuses on Harry’s son Albus and his friend’s attempt to save Cedric Voldemort. They plan to use the time turner and travel back in time to change things and save Cedric.

Cedric’s relative, Delphi, assures the pair of their help but she has her own plans regarding Time-Turner. Albus and Scorpious use the time machine to learn some facts and decide that Cedric must pass away in order for things to continue as they are today.

During their time machine travel, they came across the Delphi Tattoo Cursed Child Augurey around the neck. Albus asked Delphi about Delphi’s Tattoo Cursed Child. She said that it reminds him of the future.

Scorpius was informed by Delphi that Voldemort was using him.

Where can I watch Harry Potter & Cursed Child Play?

Chris Columbus is open to making a movie about the play. While nothing is set in stone, Harry Potter fans can see the play live in cities where it will take place.

Below are the details for play timing and location as per Delphi Tattoo Cursed Child.

  • New York, 4th/12/2021 show timing (1pm and 7.30pm) & Lyric Theatre (5pm)
  • San Francisco – 11th of January 2022
  • Melbourne – May 20, 2022

Final Verdict:

Harry Potter fans are happy to hear that Rupert Grint’s star cast Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe will appear together on HBO Max. They will all reunite on the 1st of January 2022 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie.

Harry Potter fans can enjoy this play and post their thoughts in the comments section of the Delphi Tattoo Cursed Child blog.

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