Denise Marie Morgan Obituary What Happened To Denise Marie Morgan?

Denise Marie Morgan, born July 18, 1955 to Howard P. and Joan B. (Thomas) Morgan from Columbus Ohio passed away February 14 at her home in Yerington Nevada at 55. Throughout her journey from Riverside California to Yerington Nevada she left an indelible mark that will always remain. Denise dedicated herself to family devotion, artistic creativity and community participation which left a profound legacy that will live on through all who knew her.

What Inspired Denise to Move to Yerington, Nevada?

Denise’s relocation to Yerington, Nevada, was driven by love and family commitment. She moved there five years prior to her passing, a decision inspired by her desire to be closer to her granddaughter, Rianna.Denise’s move highlighted her devotion to family, prioritizing spending time and presence with her granddaughter. By leaving Riverside California behind in favor of Yerington Nevada she displayed both strong family values as well as being willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good of those close to her.

How Did Denise Contribute to Her Community?

Apart from her family life, Denise was an active member of the South Lyon Medical Center auxiliary. Her commitment to community service was demonstrated through her involvement with an auxiliary. This enabled her to extend her care and compassion beyond immediate family, touching many lives within her locality.

What Were Denise’s Personal Interests and Hobbies?

Denise had a rich tapestry of interests that showcased her creativity and passion for life. She was an accomplished needlepoint artist, a hobby that reflected her artistic talent and attention to detail. Additionally, her love for her Harley Davidson motorcycle highlighted her adventurous spirit and love for the open road. Denise’s affection for her cats, Scooter and Harley, further illustrated her compassionate and nurturing nature.

Who Survives Denise and Keeps Her Memory Alive?

Denise’s legacy is carried on by her loving family. She is survived by her two sons, William and Jacob Pearson; her brothers, Denis and Danny Morgan; her sister, Deana Morgan; and her mother, Joan Morgan. Her beloved granddaughter, Rianna, also survives her. In addition to her immediate family, numerous other relatives in Yerington continue to cherish her memory. Denise was preceded in death by her father, Howard Morgan, whose memory she held dear.

How Will Denise’s Memorial Service Be Commemorated?

At 2 pm on February 27th at Freitas Rupracht Funeral Home (25 Hwy 208 in Yerington), there will be a memorial service honoring Denise. Family, friends and community members alike are welcome to gather there in memory of Denise while remembering all she contributed in life; not simply farewell but as tribute.

What Can Be Done to Honor Denise’s Memory?

To honor Denise’s memory, loved ones and friends are invited to sign her online guest book at, a gesture that symbolizes their enduring connection to her and the impact she had on their lives. Additionally, continuing to support the causes and communities she cared about, engaging in creative pursuits, and cherishing family moments are ways to keep her spirit alive. Denise’s life serves as a reminder of the importance of passion, creativity, and familial bonds in shaping a fulfilling life.

What Is the Lasting Impact of Denise Marie Morgan’s Life?

Denise Marie Morgan’s life leaves an enduring legacy of love, creativity, and community service.Denise left an immeasurable mark on those she touched through her dedication to family, particularly her granddaughter, artistic talents, and community involvement. Her life serves as an inspirational lesson, reminding us to cherish family connections while enjoying creative expression for personal fulfillment as well as contributing to society at large. Denise will live on through those she leaves behind who continue her legacy for future generations to enjoy her spirit and values.

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