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When you visit Dubai, you can go on an evening desert safari. You can go shopping in the city’s urbanized streets or take pictures of its skyscrapers with your camera, but there is more to the city than that. When you look at skyscrapers, you might overlook the exotic natural landscapes far away from the city but still accessible to people who go on nature retreats. Then, when you get tired of shopping for the same old things, it’s time for some fun. You can have a wild time in the Middle Eastern desert. You can also get over your fears while having fun on a desert safari in Dubai.

Pick-up Information

Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from your hotel or place following your booking. When our guides say they will pick you up, you will. It’s the same thing after the evening desert safari. You’ll be dropped back off at that same place. Any time there is a change in the program or the price of the evening desert safari, you will get an email, WhatsApp, or a phone call to let you know.

Inclusions of Evening Desert Safari

  • Pick up from the place you’ve chosen.
  • Drive 4WD to the desert meeting point.
  • 30 to 45 minutes: Dune Bashing on the golden sand dunes of Dubai
  • On the beautiful sand dunes, you can sand-board.
  • ATV Quad bike and buggy riding (optional)
  • Riding a camel: (optional-extra time will be allowed on payment of extra charges)
  • Seeing the sunset from a spot in the desert or near the campsite
  • Wearing Arab clothes and holding falcons in your hands when you take pictures (Falcons are subject to availability)
  • When you get to the campsite, you will be ready to stay.
  • Arabic coffee/tea and dates are served to welcome you to the campsite. This is how it works:
  • Starters for shawarma and falafel sandwiches are:
  • Aromatic fruit-flavored shisha/Hubbly-Bubbly smoking is the best (different flavors)
  • On the hand, there was a henna painting.
  • Very fancy veg and non-veg barbeque dinner with food from all over the world.
  • Belly dancers, Tanoura dancers, Yula dancers, and fire dancers will keep the party going (the last two are subject to availability)
  • Drop off at the place you’ve chosen.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai – Are you up for dune bashing?

This trip can be fun for anyone. They’ll drive the 4WD car up and down the dunes. However, there are some things to think about. In this activity, you don’t drive on the road. Do not go on this part of the trip if you are worried about getting sick on the drive or if you have heart problems, hypertension, or a bad back.

Also, we won’t let you go red dune bashing if:

  • You’re already pregnant.
  • You are indeed old.
  • You have back pain and have been hurt by a spinal cord. A heart patient: (Then you should stay away from the dunes, the sandboarding, and maybe even the camel ride)
  • You have high blood pressure or low blood pressure.
  • You don’t want to do dune bashing or ride a camel because you are afraid.
  • We don’t let babies younger than 4 years old come to the party.

Cars drive all the people on the trip to the desert meeting point, where we will start sand dune bashing. All cars are driven very well, keeping a safe distance from the car. First, everyone on the Dubai Evening Desert Safari will go dune bashing. If anyone doesn’t want to go dune bashing, they’ll be dropped off at the campsite.

There are special arrangements for people who don’t want to dune bashing with the rest of the group, like having someone at the campsite to look after their needs. These attendants are very good at caring for the elderly and babies/children.

Seating in the Toyota Land Cruiser

Seating arrangements are made quickly; pre-booking of seats is not allowed. It’s just a first-come, first-served thing. Seats for the first passengers can be taken by anyone who is free and has a good seat. However, if any passenger is having problems, it’s suggested that they work together to solve the problem.

Our cars are here.

We drive you to the desert safari in Dubai and back in a big, 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser that can fit 6 or 7 people. People from different groups can be in the same car. However, if a family with kids or a couple has pre-booked a private car for extra money, we can only give them that car. We can also set up a private booking if you go on a Private Dubai Desert Safari.

First aid kits, tow ropes, fire extinguishers, and seat belts are all in the cars. They are also well-maintained. There are air-conditioning systems in all cars, and they have GPS systems approved by Dubai Police. We put the safety of our guests first.

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