Destiny 2: 10+ Tips for 2022 Beginners

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular online video games, which offers a lot of content and tons of activities of all kinds. There is just too much information for a beginner, and the universe keeps expanding, which makes the learning process even harder. To make it go faster for you, here are some tips that will help you understand the game better.

Don’t get into Destiny 2 raids and dungeons too early 

Subclasses can improve so many things 

There are three classes and even more subclasses. Each subclass gives you unique abilities, and every class offers different subclasses. This is why when choosing a subclass, you need to first understand how they work. One way or another, subclasses are very useful and you should definitely integrate them into your playstyle.

Know the different damage types 

 If you want to make the most out of your weapons arsenal, it’s best always to have a few options to choose from. You should be able to combine different damage types. Here they are:

  • Arc: these are most suitable for enemies with blue shields.
  • Void: it is best against enemies who have purple shields.
  • Solar: you should use it in a fight with enemies with orange shields.
  • Kinetic: it is a default damage type, and it deals physical damage, so it’s best against opponents who don’t have any shields.

It’s possible to craft weapons 

All you need is Witch Queen’s expansion–this is where weapon crafting was introduced. This is an especially handy feature since it allows you to craft a weapon using custom stats. But keep in mind that you’ll need blueprints to build weapons.

Complete all campaign missions

The campaign is one of the best ways to quickly farm XP and reach the level needed to participate in various activities. It will also help you unlock many areas quickly. Also, the campaign is what will make you even more interested in the game. You will learn more about it and will likely become even more curious about the story of its heroes. Don’t skip it!

Experiment with loadouts

Jumping into any activity without assembling a proper loadout is almost like setting yourself up for failure. The most important thing you need to do to make sure your loadout will be effective is to pick one close-range and one long-range weapon. This way, you’ll be able to quickly switch between two different types of weapons and take down enemies at practically any distance. 

Running away from your enemies is okay

If you understand that beating the enemy is almost impossible, don’t hesitate to run. Staying alive is much better than wasting your time on a fight where you’re the weaker one. Also, keep in mind that winning is not only about taking down the enemy–it’s also about dying less often.

Stay close to your team 

D2 is not a solo game. If you’re used to this type of gameplay, it’s better to readjust yourself, since, in this universe, your team is your everything. At all times, try to stay together. And if there is a point when you have to split up, make sure that at least one teammate stays with you.

Power Level matters

PL is what determines how strong you are. It combines two stats: the amount of damage you can take and deal. Destiny 2 power leveling process consists of farming for better gear and obtaining decent weapons. You will constantly have to work on increasing your PL since the level cap is raised every season. If you don’t have enough time to do that, you can always get a Destiny 2 power level boost.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of advice 

There are so many things that you might not know about the game, even if you are already familiar with it. It’s okay to other players who are more experienced about certain things—you’re not supposed to know everything right away. Feel free to ask for tips about anything, from the best ways to obtain Orewing’s Spirit triumph to some recommendations on how to solo prophecy dungeon.

Use carry services

If you feel like you need a hand with the completion of some challenges or unlock quests, carry services are a great way to get done with those without wasting your time on the grind. For example, if you want to get some powerful firearms, but don’t have enough time or resources to do, you can simply order a carry service and soon receive the desired weapons. Here are some examples of weapons you can purchase: 

  • Destiny 2 Psionic Operator
  • Destiny 2 Raiden Flux
  • Phoenix Cradle Destiny 2
  • Piece of Mind Pattern
  • Praedyth’s Revenge god roll

Anything you want can be done with the help of carry services. Need someone to assist you with increasing your Power Level? Destiny 2 Power Level carry services are what you need. Would like to learn more about raids, the uses of the Destiny 2 raid tracker, and the best ways to beat any boss? A coaching service is a right tool for you. There are many great solutions, so don’t hesitate to ask professionals to help you out!

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