Devon And Claire Bed Text Scam :- Final summary

View exclusive reviews about Devon & Claire Bed Text Scam. Also, find out about the plot behind the message.

Devon & Claire is a well-known brand in the United States selling bed sheets, blankets and pillows. It is well-known for its home decor, living room furniture, and beds.

A new scam was discovered in December 2022. It informed users that the amount would be auto-deducted from their bank accounts. Let’s find out more about Devon, and Claire Bed Text Scam.

Devon & Claire text message:

A text message was sent to people about a week ago with an Amazon order number. They were informed that their Devon & Claire bed order was subject to $606. The amount would automatically be deducted from their Visa card. They can call +1(833)857 0864 if they have not made a purchase.

This information was shared on Reddit’s r/ScamNumbers. Reddit’s @ScamNumbers group promotes the posting of scammers’ phone numbers for readers and group members to prank call them. Devon and Claire Bed Text Scam numbers were not listed as being contacted by members of the community. This community has over 27.5K followers.

Reddit user u/jersey856 added the post on 6/12/2022. The post has been viewed many times and upvoted 86%. There were 17 comments on the post. A few people replied that they received the same message. Some users blocked the number (+1(833)857-864).

Analyses of the contact number showed that it belonged a business and not an individual. The number also had multiple Operating Company Numbers. It is possible that the number +1(833)857-864 was used for other purposes, as it is mentioned in Devon.

How can you identify a scam text message?

A text message can be identified as a scam by looking at several characteristics. The scammers created the impression that the text message was sent by Amazon about a Devon & Claire mattress order. The message is believed to be true when the user opens it.

The message attempted to instill a sense of urgency. Devon, and Claire Bed Text scam informed the reader that an amount of $606 would automatically be deducted. It is a scam that the reader will not allow to continue. This is the scheme of the scammers. They want readers to contact them through a particular mode of communication. The text message will contain a link to a third party or a contact number.

Devon & Claire included a phone number in their bed text message. To verify its details, you can search the number online. You can also check to see if the number corresponds with Amazon customer service.

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A text message containing an order number and a description of Devon & Claire’s bed, along with a warning that a certain amount would be deducted from the bill is a fraud. sends authentic messages regarding customers’ orders and tracking. If in doubt, contact customer support and provide the order number to verify details.

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