All About Devon’s Tranquil And Calm Cycling Routes

Leave your car at the campground and hop on a bike to truly experience Devon’s splendor! Some of the best cycling routes in the UK may get found in the well-liked coastal region of Devon. 

This interconnected system of trails ranges from strolls to strenuous ascents, taking in some breathtaking landscapes and sites along the way. Here is some pleasant cycling in Devon routes that pass across beautiful landscapes.

1. Tarka Trail

A well-liked 30-mile bicycle and pedestrian path, the Tarka Trail in north Devon follows former railroad tracks across Tarka County. The Devon County Council, which is in charge of maintaining the path, has made a few adjustments to it over time to make it simpler to get around. 

To assist you in interacting with the environment, new data boards, a digital audio tour, and 21 points of interest that describe the local history and animals are available. You can anticipate seeing community orchards, woodlands, grasslands, streams, and ponds along the trip.

2. Grand Western Canal

The serene, flat track follows the stunning Grand Western Canal tow way. Expect to pass through verdant, open land between Tiverton and the Somerset border and see the Blackdown Hills and quaint forested clearings. 

The canal was a business waterway until 1925, but since 1971, locals have appreciated the rural parks that run alongside it. If your camp is a little distant from this trail, you may mount your bikes on your car’s roof rack and start at the Tiverton parking lot. Circular paths are also accessible in this area.

3. Granite Way Trail

Along this 12 km walk, which provides breathtaking Dartmoor views and crosses the Meldon Viaduct, get a taste of rural Devon’s most significant parts. Since it was made available to cyclists and pedestrians in 2002, the Granity Way cycling path from Okehampton railway to Meldon Viaduct has become a popular off-road attraction. 

The trail passes through scenic areas like the undulating Dartmoor Hills, Okehampton Castle, and far-off views of Exmoor shrouded in mist.

4. Discovery Trail- Haldon Forest

Numerous cycling routes for riders of all skill levels may get found in the vast Haldon Forest. Young family members would benefit the most from the 2.5 km beginner’s Discovery Trail. The Ridge ride trails are challenging for expert bikers, while the challenging path is ideal for novice cyclists. 

All offer numerous excellent locations for picnics along the journey while allowing you to take in the breathtaking vistas of the Haldon Forest.

5. Drake’s Trail

The Drake’s Trail is a way to commemorate west Devon’s long record and Sir Francis Drake, several of the most well-known residents. On this scenic 21-mile journey between Tavistock and Plymouth, you’ll see locations significant to various aspects of Drake’s life. 

Take in moorland, river valleys, woodlands, and famous artificial structures like Gem Bridge and Grenofen Tunnel as you experience a wonderful blend of history and nature.

Concluding Remarks

Devon offers a wide variety of excellent family-friendly routes, so it’s time to take your bikes out of storage and train those legs! These bike routes are a perfect opportunity to experience cycling in Devon at its finest.

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