Diablo IV Guide: Aspects and How to Use Them

There are many ways to boost your Diablo IV character’s power. And although you may improve your stats through earning skill points and upgrading your gear, using the Aspects proves to be the most effective regarding a character’s power increase. In this Diablo IV guide, we will explain what Aspects are, where to obtain Aspects, and how to use and extract them. And if you are wondering what Codex of Power is and how to unlock it, keep reading below.

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What are Aspects of Diablo IV

Similarly to enchantments, Aspects can be regarded as a Legendary passive enhancing effect that you can apply to specific armor pieces and weapons in order to increase stats or bonuses. There are both class-specific and universal Aspects. Class-specific Aspects can be utilized only by the given class and often directly affect your character’s potential, skills, and playstyle; meanwhile, universal Aspects can be collected and used by everyone, regardless of the class.

Aspects play an especially important role in dungeons, as the characters with imprinted Aspects wield much greater power thanks to the extra bonuses and advanced skills. Presently, Diablo IV classifies Aspects into five categories according to the field of their impact: 

  • Offensive Aspects (can be imprinted onto Weapons, Gloves, and Amulets).
  • Defensive Aspects (can be inscribed onto Shields, Chests, Pants, Helmets, and Amulets).
  • Mobility Aspects (can be applied to Boots, Amulets).
  • Utility Aspects (can be imprinted onto Shields, Chests, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, and Amulets).
  • Resource Aspects (can be applied to Rings).

Where to Get Aspects and Codex of Power

To obtain Aspects in Diablo IV, you must either acquire level 15 or complete a dungeon for the first time, unlocking the Codex of Power, a book containing all the gathered Aspects. The Codex of Power can be found in your “Collection” menu, and it keeps track of all Aspects that can be collected in the dungeons and allows you to use the ones you have already obtained. 

Tip: Once you add Aspect to the Codex of Power, it becomes available for all of your characters on the realm as the Codex of Power is shared with all of your existing characters on the account.

Currently, Diablo IV offers over a hundred collectible Aspects. Most Aspects can be acquired as an automatic reward after completing the given dungeon for the first time; there is no special requirement to allow you to add the Aspects to your collection. Each Aspect is unique to the dungeon it is gathered in, and although the dungeon has to be completed only once, the Aspect can be further used infinitely.

However, not all Legendary Aspects are contained within the Codex of Power or collectible through the first-run reward from the dungeons. Some Legendary Aspects are dropped randomly from Legendary enemies and, therefore, cannot be preserved through the Codex of Power as a regular Aspect from the dungeon reward would. That also means they cannot be applied through the Codex of Power, and the only way to retain the particular Aspect is to extract it from the item to reapply it to another. In fact, sometimes you may come across an equipment item that already has Aspect imprinted on it. In that case, refrain from selling or salvaging the item for the materials. We recommend you extract the Aspect for further usage on your gear, even though extraction of the Aspect will destroy the item in the process.

How to Use and Extract Aspects in Diablo IV

After you have obtained the desired Aspect, you can apply it to the specific piece of armor or weapon with the help of the Occultist in the town, who can be found on the map under an upside-down triangle with a circle on each of the corners. The Aspects can be imprinted onto Rare or Legendary items. If the item is Rare, the Aspect will improve the item’s quality to Legendary. 

While at the Occultist, you can apply the Aspect by selecting your gear item, choosing the Aspect from the Codex of Power or your inventory, and selecting the “Imprint Aspect” option in the tab of Occultist. The needed materials usually consist of gold and veiled crystals, which can be either obtained from salvaging rare pieces of armor or randomly looted from the advanced enemies.

Tip: If you are applying Aspect from the Codex of Power, keep in mind that the Aspect will always imprint the lowest possible roll of the Aspect into the item. 

Although the Aspects of the Codex of Power are reusable an unlimited number of times, some of the Legendary Aspects are not collectible within the Codex of Power and therefore need to be extracted from the item first before being reused again. To extract an Aspect, you should visit Occultist, pick the item with the Aspect you want to extract, and select the “Extract Aspect” option at the bottom of the Occultist menu. This way, the extracted Aspect should appear in the character’s inventory. Unlike the application of Aspect onto your gear, except for gold, extraction does not cost any extra material.

It is important to consider whether the extraction is the best decision for your character, as extracting the Aspect from your character’s piece of equipment will cause the permanent destruction of the item. Always make sure to have a replacement item in your inventory in order not to lose a vital piece of gear completely.


Diablo IV’s Aspect system brings enormous advantages to those who are willing to collect the most suitable Aspects for their character. Although our opinion is that the Codex of Power should contain all of the Aspects and not only those that are obtainable through the first dungeon run, we admit we are impressed and excited about the Aspect system. We cannot wait to discover the new upgrades that are coming with the launch of the Diablo IV. Should you be interested in uncovering other features of Diablo IV, we recommend to you SSEGold full of articles dedicated to games such as Diablo and others. We also invite you to visit SSEGold for amazing deals on Diablo IV boosts and Diablo IV gold and other games. Thank you, and best of luck in the game!

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