Dieckhaus Evelyn Funeral – All the Details You Need to Know!

This article describes Evelyn’s role in the school shooting. Dieckhaus Evelyn’s Funeral gives details.

Who is Dieckhaus Evelyn and what are their secrets? What happened at Covenant School? In 2023, who were the victims of the Covenant School incident? After hearing the news, people are shocked. Further investigations continue into the incident that occurred in the United States. Dieckhaus Evelyn funeral has more information.

Who’s Dieckhaus Evelyn,?

Dieckhaus was nine years old. She was born in Tennessee on August 2, 2009. Her father’s name was not released. Katy Dieckhaus was her mother’s name. Dieckhaus was one of the students at the covenant school. The loss of life is being felt across the globe. People were interested in Evelyn’s story when the student’s name became public. However, there wasn’t much on the social media platforms.

Dieckhaus Evelyn Obituary

Evelyn Dieckhaus does not have a Wikipedia page. It is difficult to find out more information about Dieckhaus as only limited details are available. According to online sources, she was nine years old. Two other 9-year olds were also killed by assailants, and Dieckhaus was also taken. However, they were all in their sixties. Mike Hill and Cynthia Peak were the college’s staff at 61 years. Katherine Koonce was the other member of staff, who was 60 years old. To learn more, TWITTER can be found below.

Who was responsible for the shooting at the Covenant school?

Audrey Hale was the shooter. Audrey Hale was a transgender female who was a former covenant school student. The shooter is unknown. Audrey was shot by a police officer and ended up losing her life. She was shot by the police officer who had no other choice than to shoot her. This shooting shocked both the nation and the community.

Seven people lost their lives in the Nashville tragedy as a result. One of the shooters was an ex-student at the school. Audrey carried a large weapon. Audrey also had a handgun and two assault rifles. Officers are intensifying their investigations to determine the motive behind this tragic incident. The funeral of the Dieckhaus was one of the first victims to be shot during the incident.


  • Name: Dieckhaus, Evelyn
  • Birthname: Evelyn Marie Dieckhaus
  • Gender
  • Age: 9 Years
  • On: 2 August 2013, Born
  • Nashville, Tennessee is the place of birth
  • Mother: Katy Dieckhaus
  • Father: Not known
  • Siblings
  • Died On: March 27th, 2023

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According to online resources, there was a mass shooting at the covenant school. Evelyn was among the six victims. The shooting also claimed the lives of two more children and three staff members. Police were able to identify the shooter and handle the matter. Get more information about the shooting online.

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