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Difference Between Real and Fake Sunglasses

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Your style statement is defined by the sunglasses you pick. It’s a must-have item for everyone who enjoys a little more attention when they venture outside. You may save a few dollars by buying cheap sunglasses, but you’ll be sacrificing eye protection, quality, and longevity. The eyeglass industry is a huge one, and it’s swamped with knockoffs. While some imitation sunglasses are easy to recognise, others are so well-made that they are impossible to tell apart at first look. This is especially true whether you View Products from a local market, online, or through unlicensed social media resellers.

 1.      Price

Previously, determining the difference between genuine and counterfeit sunglasses was based on the price of the product. However, currently, imitations are so convincing that they may be sold for a reasonable price. As a result, deciding whether something is genuine or not just on the basis of pricing is not a wise decision. When in doubt, buy exclusively from trustworthy and legitimate merchants, whether in a shop or online. Check for reviews and make sure you have a proof of authenticity and a warranty.

2.      Hinges

If you have a genuine designer pair of sunglasses, they should open and close with ease. If the hinges are stiff and the screws are loose, you’re most likely dealing with a fake. For a comfortable experience, the hinges should be strong and have excellent moulding. To emphasise the point, counterfeit Louis Vuitton sunglasses are made with a single attachment screw. The hinges don’t feel good when you open or close them because of their low quality. There are a lot of different websites from where you can get best sunglasses. I myself always use TheShadesHut, they provide authentic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses.

3.      Frames

Examining the frames and their weight is another approach to spot authentic sunglasses. Fake sunglasses will feel lighter in comparison to the real ones. Unless it’s advertised as being lightweight. When worn correctly, authentic frames provide a balanced and pleasant experience. They should be free of scratches and other flaws in the glass. Asymmetrical frames will also be found on the original branded sunglasses.

4.      Lenses

Sunglass Lenses Types on designer sunglasses should be of high quality. The majority of companies now employ coloured fibre for their lenses. You should know what to look for if you’ve previously purchased sunglasses from a certain brand. The logo of several companies may also be found on the edge of the lenses. So, before you go out and buy your luxury sunglasses, double-check the branding. Scratch them off carefully with your fingernails. It’s a fake if it comes off easily.

5.      Packaging

When it comes to determining the legitimacy of sunglasses, a retail box is a dead giveaway. They feature the company’s emblem as well as information about the maker and a barcode. The information in the pamphlet that comes with the eyewear may simply be double-checked. When you examine the manufacturer’s website, you’ll have a decent sense of the case your sunglasses should come in.

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