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Different Types Of Wardrobes For Your Home

Wardrobes have become a fantastic storage solution for modern homes. Many prefer to embellish their bedroom with any of the standard types of wardrobes. However, choosing a seamless wardrobe that blends into the interior design of your home is quite challenging. You may need some help picking the perfect type and design of wardrobe, as plenty of wardrobe designs are available online.  Proper planning and a clear idea of the types of wardrobes on trend are important. Here is a quick guide that details the types of wardrobes and their benefits. This would help you pick the right wardrobe style for your home. Buy a wardrobe online at Wakefit based on your needs and preferences.

Conventional Hinged Door Wardrobe

Hinged-door wardrobes are seen in most of the homes. A hinge is used to attach the door to the closet, hence the name hinged-door wardrobe. This type of wardrobe opens wide at 90 degrees. This gives a complete view of the stuff inside your closet. Picking your desired outfit is a breeze with a hinged-door wardrobe. There is plenty of space at the back of the shutters to organise small accessories like handbags, scarves, ties, belts, etc. Hinged-door wooden almirah comes with hangers, multiple racks, drawers, etc. that maximise storage space and make your closet well-organized. Think of other types of wardrobes if you have less floor space in your bedroom, as the door takes up more space.

Contemporary Sliding Door Wardrobe

This is a perfect wardrobe choice for modern homes. It is an easy-to-use and most convenient type of wardrobe for your home. The sliding doors move along the metal tracks present on the top and bottom of the wardrobe. This minimalistic design wardrobe takes up less space, making it the right choice for compact rooms. Its sleek design makes it a preferred choice for the majority of people. The unique style of sliding door wooden wardrobe adds to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Go for a sliding engineered wood wardrobe to make your bedroom look contemporary. 

Space-saving Reach In Wardrobes

If you are running out of space to install a proper closet wardrobe, then reach-in wardrobes are space-savers. You might have noticed this type of wardrobe in modern apartments. Make the wardrobe design interesting by installing the right type of door. It is yet another sleek and minimalistic wardrobe design that adds a dash of style and elegance to your bedroom.

Versatile Freestanding Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe is quite popular and highly versatile. Though it takes up more space than built-in wardrobes, it offers several other benefits as well. You can place a free-standing wardrobe in any place of your choice. It is easily portable, giving you the freedom to move the wardrobe to any other room or when you shift to a new home. You save a lot of time and money, as there is no need for professional help in installing a freestanding cupboard. You can choose between 3 3-door wardrobes or 4 4-door wardrobes online of the freestanding type based on your storage preferences. There are a great deal of ranges and types of freestanding cupboards online.

Space-Saving Concealed Wardrobes

Worried about the limited space in your bedroom? Installing concealed wardrobes makes the best use of the available space in your room. It is the best practical storage solution for any type of room. It is a closed cabinet where you can store bulky stuff like coats, scarves, bags, and other accessories. Concealed wardrobes keep your bedroom clutter-free and organised. Invisible wardrobes are a great choice, as they do not affect the actual design of your room. It is invisible as it is flushed to the wall and installed without any frames. It is an excellent storage choice to make proper use of the unused corners in your room. This is great for small or large rooms.

Stylish Laminate Wardrobes

Laminate wardrobes add a special charm and style to your bedroom. It is highly durable compared to engineered wood wardrobes, as it is scratch and moisture-resistant. Buy a laminate wardrobe online with a desired finish that syncs with the look and feel of your bedroom. It is quite popular as it is easy to maintain and cost-effective.

Mirrored Wardrobes

You can make your room look spacious by installing a mirrored wardrobe. The reflection of the mirror creates an illusion of space in your room. This makes a small room appear large. It brightens your space instantly as it increases the intensity of sunlight entering your room. You can use it as a dresser when you are worried about your looks when you step out.

Luxurious Walk-in  Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are a great choice of wardrobe style that adds sophistication to your bedroom. It can transform the overall look of your home. If you are looking for a spacious wardrobe for bedroom then this is a perfect choice. It brings luxury and style to your room with its seamless design. It usually comes with a variety of shelving options that make it versatile. These are wardrobes with drawers, racks, hangers, etc., making it easy to access the stuff. This makes it an innovative wardrobe design for the current trend. This wardrobe style offers a lot of space to store and organise your outfits and other personal stuff. You can provide a dedicated space for each type of item in a walk-in wardrobe, making your bedroom more organised.

Customized Wardrobes

Custom-made wardrobes have been a tremendous hit in recent times. People prefer custom wardrobes as they are tailored to their tastes and needs. You can design a wardrobe of your choice based on the space available. It is wise to go for a custom wardrobe when you have plenty of unused corners in your room. Personalised wardrobes are fantastic storage options as they are highly functional. It is up to you to go for a two-door almirah or 3 door wardrobe based on your storage needs.

Hope you have gathered a lot of ideas about the different types of wardrobes. Choose any of the above wardrobe styles that complement your interior design. Make sure the wardrobe type meets your storage requirements as well.

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