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Due to the rapidly developing digital technologies, more and more companies appear in the IT technology market offering specialized services for technical advice on the correct use of modern software. Euristiq offers each customer, user of the software recently integrated into their business management system, services for in-depth analysis of business plans, goals, strategies, and program capabilities, as well as problem-solving and troubleshooting if the customer is not satisfied with how this system works in his company.

What services are included in digital consulting?

Each potential customer who contacts Euristiq to order digital consulting and software services receives the expected result in improving the system performance, as a team of professionals follows a certain algorithm that has long been proven to be the most effective software product analysis process, such as:

·         Use of a unique modern technology for intelligent control of uploaded and processed data with their systematization and processing.

·         Search and identification of all vulnerabilities in the software, issuance of recommendations for improving or changing the algorithm of the product to increase efficiency and safety in the operation of the system.

·         Identify, process, and find solutions to any problems related to the operation of cloud platforms, transferring data to cloud storage, as well as scaling the application as the customer’s business develops, without the need to adjust the program code or replace equipment.

·         Correction of the algorithm of the platform for the possibility of its use by end customers in 24/7 mode.

·         Analysis of the application architecture, comparison of system performance with the needs of the customer’s business, proposal for adjusting the technology of interaction with users, search for alternative and less costly solutions to identified problems to increase profitability, achieve payback and profit for the customer.

·         In the process of performing digital consulting, the speed and performance of the application are analyzed, and the reasons for its decrease are identified, which prevents the normal scaling of the system and, as a result, negatively affects business processes. Proposing a methodology and taking measures to speed up the system.

·         Analysis of the possibility of integrating applications installed on the customer’s servers with other similar systems to improve the efficiency of interaction with users, and the possibility of using new options. Integration occurs in real-time, without disruption or suspension of the system, which does not affect the service of end customers.

·         A comprehensive digital consulting report with an objective assessment of the current state of the system, as well as useful tips to increase productivity and efficiency, ensure scaling for a competitive advantage.

Thus, digital consulting from Euristiq allows you to quickly adapt to new market realities, improve software, increase its speed and performance, and eliminate the risk of further problems associated with platform scaling.

Benefits of ordering digital consulting and software services in Euristiq

Each customer who contacts Euristiq for a digital consulting service asks why he should choose this particular team. Professionals justify the correctness of this decision with the following undeniable advantages over competitors:

·         100% transparency and openness of a company with a horizontal management system. During the consulting, team members periodically invite the customer to participate in brainstorming sessions, and listen to the wishes and requirements, which allows you to quickly achieve the most effective result.

·         The customer receives valuable knowledge on the possibility of creating unique software, which is initially aimed at the availability of each resource, as well as rapid scalability.

·         When adjusting the software utility based on the results of digital consulting, the customer gets an excellent opportunity to improve the interface, as well as simplify interaction with end users, in which web designers from Euristiq will always help him.

·         When the team begins an analysis of existing software, it suggests ways for the customer to upgrade it, resulting in improved operational efficiency, speed, and system performance. Euristiq provides each customer with a detailed roadmap for implementing adjustments to improve the performance of each application or system transformation algorithm.

·         The company also provides a set of innovative solutions based on blockchain technology or artificial intelligence that will provide significant concrete benefits.

·         The customer can always offer integration of the application with the Internet of things, and the team will support this idea, and offer various interaction options, as well as the least costly and complex ways to connect to cloud resources to store and process even more incoming information.

·         An unprecedented increase in the security of the customer system, which is provided by multi-stage encryption of each request or data of end users of the system who create accounts and conduct transactions.

As a result of working with Euristiq, the customer receives a fundamentally new digital software platform that will meet all his requirements, taking into account the ever-growing needs of the market.

Euristiq’s 3 Key Principles for Digital Consulting

The Euristiq team is proud to justify for each new customer who decides to improve the digital capabilities of the application, three key principles of interaction and work that are never violated:

·         Maximum speed and efficiency in making every decision in the course of digital consulting. Accurate assessment of all intelligent systems and software, answers to even the most complex questions, and providing expert advice.

·         The company’s employees have many years of experience in the IT field, accurately identify the problem on the first try, and their recommendations should always be aimed at an effective result in the interests of the client.

·         The team never jumps to conclusions or makes spontaneous decisions. All reports and recommendations are provided only after a detailed in-depth analysis of each application, as well as the general algorithm for their joint work.

Thus, according to experts and professional IT specialists, Euristiq is one of the market leaders in the field of effective digital consulting. Each recommendation is the result of a long-term analytical work of a whole team of professionals, and the customer can be sure that the implementation of these ideas will greatly increase the efficiency of his platform and quickly increase the company’s profits.

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