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Have you seen the trend of watching Digloveface, then regretting your decision? The videos that were only shared on TikTok over the last 24 hours sparked interest in people by labeling them – don’t Google yourself if you love yourself. You don’t lose your appetite, so it’s disgusting!

These videos were found by people in the Philippines ; they began searching for images, videos and other content related to

Digloveface:, as the name suggests, is not a website. It’s about the concept of diglove/degloved. In medicine, the term diglove refers to skin that is extensively or completely torn. To refer to a specific organ, the word diglove can be followed by the name a particular part of the human body. Images of “Degloved Faces” on the Internet, for example, are images that show disfigured tissues in the face caused by severe accidents.

Diglove images are disturbing and should not be viewed. The Degloved face Pic includes diglove clips with faces that have been completely ripped out by accidents, attacks or fires. The images also showed similar conditions for figures, legs and hands as well as almost every part of the body.

Trending Diglove Videos:

Over eight videos were posted on TikTok that all dealt with the same subject. The eight videos all included a video presentation, and asked people to not search for diglove, images, videos or other content. The intention behind publishing these videos is questionable, but for two reasons. is a website that publishes uncensored pictures and online videos showing real-life events, including strong>Degloved Face Photo /strong>suicide, grownup clips related to crime, Etc. features uncensored videos and pictures of real-life events. These include Degloved face photosuicides, adult clips related to crimes, etc. Livegore’s latest news included pictures of road accidents and human injuries. It also featured diglove body parts.

Second, it’s questionable whether a video is necessary to inform people about the concept of diglove. Ask them to stop searching for more information about diglove. The same effect would be achieved if such videos were not produced and circulated.

The concept gained more popularity when several videos were used to inform a link on the website as or One user expressed regret at watching the diglove videos. This sparked more interest in the concept.

Digloveface, a website that is parked and accessible worldwide, is currently available. A parked domain can be a website, or URL that has been registered in advance. This is a virtual investment. Domain names are purchased at a set price in order to resell them later for a profit when the website scores well and has a high visitor count. has been registered in Henan (China) and updated simultaneously on the 10th/May/2023. It’s only 2 days old. is only registered for a year. It expires in 11 months and 28 days on 10th/May/2024. It is a new website that has a short lifespan. hosts sponsored content from and to cover the costs of operation.’s external links, & use an HTTP protocol that is not secured.


It is up to you to decide whether the search trending for Diglove faces pictures is a publicity stunt designed to increase viewership and popularize a domain. The more popular an URL is, the more money it will bring when sold. Why would anyone want to make people aware of Digloved, and then ask them not watch it?

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