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Director R Kannan shares about the problems he faced two hours before the release of ‘Biskoth’

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Director R Kannan had said that there was a problem 2 hours before the release of ‘Biskoth’ and that Santhanam solved the problem.

The press conference of the film crew took place yesterday as the movie ‘Biskoth’ was released on the eve of Diwali 2020. When director Kannan spoke then, he said, if it were not for Santhanam, the film would not have come out. Two hours before the release of the film, it suddenly became clear that the film could only be released if it had Rs 50 lakhs. Immediately R. Kannan went to Santhanam’s house and asked him to help him with the release. Santhanam immediately helped R. Kannan with Rs. 50 lakhs. He is the reason why this film is currently being released.

Not only Santhanam but also many other producers and financiers were responsible for the release of this film. Kannan further said he had planned to release this film in April 2020 itself. But the release was delayed due to COVID 19 lockdown, the interest from financiers alone has come to Rs 3 crores. However, Kannan said that the film was released because of financier Ramprasad generosity as he had said that it was enough to pay the interest during his Kannan’s next film.

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