Discover A Modern Twist On A Prestitched Saree You Won’t Believe

An Indian woman’s traditional clothing collection would be incomplete without a saree. The garment has been part of the country’s history for centuries and so is the art of weaving and embroidery that go into creating beautiful sarees. These skills were passed down by communities and are used to this day. Heirloom sarees are also sentimental pieces that connect women through generations.

Sarees showcase not only the variety of regional textiles but also the innovations made in embroidery and embellishment techniques over time. From traditional silk weaves to contemporary details, saree fabrics and styling can change over time but the value remains.

The concept of ready-made sarees is not exactly new as it’s been a practice in creating costumes for actors. As the new generation embraces this quick and easy style of sarees, the traditional attire is now available with a modern twist. Pre-stitched or pre-draped sarees are gaining popularity. Dubbed ‘1-minute sarees,’ they reduce the draping time considerably and also make traditional wear accessible for those with disabilities.

What Is It?

Prestitched sarees effortlessly combine the grace of traditional sarees with modern silhouettes. They include a skirt, stitched pleats at the waist, an attached upper body drape, and pallu. The ready-to-wear sarees are available in a variety of fabrics and styles that are suitable for all occasions from essential casuals to party wear.

How to Wear?

Just like Maggi never really cooks in 2-minutes, the internet’s ‘1-minute sarees’ are just a fun way of saying they can be worn quickly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow once you open your new prestitched saree:

  • The pleats and pallu of a pre-draped saree are held with hooks and clasps. If you are trying different drapes, you can use safety pins as usual.
  • Wear the skirt of the prestitched saree and bring it up to the height you want, ensuring that it ends at your ankles. Consider wearing your footwear at this point to get the correct length.
  •  Adjust the waistline to ensure that the pleats are placed at the center.
  • Once the waist is secure, move ahead with draping the pallu, which is attached in most cases. Once it’s over your shoulders, secure it with the existing clasp or use a safety pin.

Pre-stitched sarees also come in fusion variations that include dhoti-style bottoms or flared pants. The instruction in such cases remains the same – waist adjustment, securing the pleats, and draping the pallu.

Why Choose Pre-Stitched Sarees?

1.Ease for Beginners: Whether you don’t know how or just don’t have the time to drape 5 to 9 yards of fabric, pre-draped sarees bring the ease of modern clothing to traditional wear. Further, prestitched sarees are easier to manage and allow ease of movement. You can be assured that the pleats will stay put during your commute.

2.Destination Weddings: If you are attending a destination wedding, pre-stitched sarees are easy to put together on your own. These statement sarees also require minimal jewellery and will save you luggage space. Further, ready-to-wear sarees save you time for exploring the location.

3. Experimentation: You can still get many uses out of prestitched sarees as the pallu can be draped in any way you like. Leave it open, pleat it up, or opt for a scarf-style drape.

4.Avoids Bulk: As the skirts are measured and pleats defined, prestitched sarees offer a lean silhouette and no additional fabric that adds bulk, especially in sarees made from thicker materials like silk. You are also free of the hassle of creating and tucking in pleats.

5. Innovative Silhouettes: If you have spotted your favourite celebs wearing sarees draped around pants or with capes, you can get these looks with pre-draped sarees. The modern, fusion silhouettes are ideal for cocktail parties and informal festivities.

6. Versatile: While the pre-stitching adds a modern twist, you can be sure to find pre-draped sarees with zari work and other traditional design options for a classic vibe. On the other hand, ruffles, sequins, and abstract prints will set you apart with a casual chic look.

7. No Under Layers: You do not need any additional layers with pre-draped sarees as the skirt is attached to a petticoat. This makes most prestitched sarees light and breezy.


The fashion world is moving toward comfort with baggy silhouettes and oversized trends, and the core idea of comfort is reflected in the prestitched saree. Quick and easy variations are the need of the hour and traditional wear can’t be left behind in this fast-paced world. While the art of draping sarees is alive and well, give accessible and versatile pre-draped sarees a try for your next party or event. The trendy garments are sure to cut down on the time you need to get dressed so you can focus even more on having fun.

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