Distinctions between ICCRC-Approved Immigration Consultants And Registered Immigration Consultants

In the landscape of Dubai’s consulting services, people looking for help with their immigration requirements may face the terms ICCRC-approved immigration consultants and registered immigration consultants. Both types of consultants give special offers to immigrants, but they differ in their scope practices, oversight regulation, and geographical emphasis. This article delves into the distinction between ICCRC-approved consultants in Dubai and registered consultants in Dubai to clarify the people browsing the immigration procedure.

ICCRC Approved Immigration Consultants

ICCRC-approved immigration consultants are experts who have received recognition from the consultants of the Canada Regulatory Council. The main characteristics of ICCRC-approved consultants involve:

Specialty in Canadian Immigration

ICCRC approval concerns consultants who specialize in the Canadian immigration realm. These consultants are permitted to give suggestions and help with different Canadian immigration procedures involving applications for the status of permanent residency, work permit, study permit, and citizenship.

ICCRC Standards

iccrc approved immigration consultants in dubai must keep attached to rigorous expert standards designed by the ICCRC. They need extensive training, passing the qualifying exams, and ongoing expert development to ensure compliance with the regulations of ICCRC.  Moreover ICCRC is the regulatory entity for the immigration consultants’ function in Canada and abroad. An approved consultant is subject to regulatory insights of ICCRC, which involve examining their conduct, controlling the complaints, and enforcing punitive expeditions if compulsory.

Focus on Ethical Matters

ICCRC-approved consultants emphasize ethical conduct and customer confidentiality. They are linked by the ICCRC standard ethics, which outline the principles of honesty and accountability in customer interaction.

Registered Immigration Consultants

Registered immigration consultants in Dubai may include a larger spectrum of experts giving immigration consulting services. The main features of registered consultants involve the following:

Different Geographical Realm

Unlike the ICCRC-approved consultant specializing in Canadian immigration, registered consultants in Dubai may provide services for immigration matters in different nations, including the United Arab Emirates and others.

Local Regulations

Registered consultants in Dubai must conform to local laws governing immigration consulting acts. These laws may vary depending on the jurisdiction and cover the licensing requirements, expert standards, and client safety measures. Registered consultants may provide several services regarding immigration, including residency planning, advisory citizenship, and relocating experience, which may extend to various visa kinds, legal frameworks, and immigration policies applicable to their jurisdiction. Registered immigration consultants in Dubai are subject to regulatory oversight within their authority, like local government companies and expert links; ICCRC may not regulate them unless they specialize in immigration to Canada.


The difference between ICCRC-approved and registered immigration consultants lies in their oversight of regulation, particularization, and scope of acts. ICCRC approves concerns particularized in Canadian immigration matters and regulated by ICCRC. In comparison, other registered consultants give services relevant to immigration in different nations and local laws. Knowing the differences can assist people looking for consulting services in making wise decisions and choosing fit consultants to handle their interests and needs.

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