Ditch Parties and Travel On This New Year Eve

For most of us, New Year’s Eve 2022 is an excuse to party hard with our friends has been the norm for many years. While the others choose to prepare a lavish meal, have a ‘pyjama’ dance party, or watch home movies with popcorn with their loved ones.

Whatever method you choose to kick off the new year, I’m sure you’re on the last stage of your planning and possibly stressing about it!

However, a beginning like this should put you in the appropriate frame of mind for the rest of the year. And there’s nothing like arranging and treating yourself to a fantastic vacation!

Are you curious about which trip places will best suit your personality? So, before you book a vacation, here is a list of the top reasons- why you should go on a trip.

Meeting new people

Parties are enjoyable. There are no counter-arguments. However, you will have the same experiences as you would at a conventional party. The people you meet at your parties are the same folk. The music, dance, cuisine, and beverages are all average.

As the clock strikes midnight, you’ll all be watching the fireworks, and everyone will be caught up in the New Year’s craze! This same old ritual has been followed for years.

Why not go for a trip this year? Travelling is an adventure. The individuals you meet on your travels have the power to alter your destiny. Doesn’t it sound dramatic? You’d be shocked how quickly you may get close to a stranger you meet while travelling and sense a connection with them.

You’ll talk about your life and share some of your memorable experiences! Meetings like these can create real magic connections, and they can be an extraordinary occurrence and a fantastic start to the new year!

New Year celebration in a new place

Being in the same environment year after year can be mentally suffocating. You’ll never know how to cherish the qualities and cultural characteristics if you dwell in the same place your entire life.

Instead, enter a new environment and be exposed to new colours, cultures, cuisines and people. You might be learning a new skill, making new friends, or expanding your horizons.

So, what could be better than exploring a new environment that takes you far from your usual haunts?

In 2018, I travelled to Los Angeles to celebrate the new year all by myself. I explored the place, met some new friends, ate local cuisines, and got introduced to the Los Angeles escape room by the locals. It was an immersiveness experience.

Now, whenever I travel to a place, I make sure I explore the escape rooms of that place. Escape rooms are a place where you will find all adventure-loving souls to make friends with. Last year I explored the escape room Virginia Beach. It was a unique experience.

Present yourself some “Me-Time”

Give an excuse from your regular life and gift yourself some “me-time”. All of us deserve this.

Set out on a new adventure, searching for a better version of yourself. Unless you let your soul wander amid the hands of nature, you may never know who you are or what you are capable of.

Prepare to treat every little approach or element you encounter as a token as you return to your routine. These are the moments when preconceived notions are revealed, and as a result, one grows as a person.

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